Truth as an extension of human slavery not? The burden of genocidal atrocities or crimes against law of value.

George Washington and His letter to the Hebrew congregation at Newport. August 21, 1790.

Rabbi praying at the Western Wall, Holy Jerusalem. the spinning wheel or charkha, a symbol of Satyagraha or holy practice.

Only when faith is a deliberative practice is it possible to uphold religious liberty.








Pray to the Western Wall, Jerusalem, Yerushalayim. Not anywhere else.


The story of Jerusalem, Yerushalayim in stones. Commitment, Resolve and Conclusion. Aye muhabbath ke anjam pae rona aaya. Love’s arrival brings desire.




Understanding the nature of moralism, The Western Wall, Yerushalayim, Israel.


The holy Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel. Prayers and prostrations.

Rabbinate in Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Israel.


The Jerusalem Prayer Rules


Barsan laagi badariya rhoom jhoom ke, The clouds gather in splendor, badal garaje, bijuri chamake, as they thunder lightning strikes, bolan lagi koyelia jhoom jhoom ke and the koyel bird sings, barsan laagi badariya rhoom jhoom ke aangiyan bheeje, chunar bheeje, the roads are full of water and clothes that are ruined. Jhalan laagi punariya jhoom jhoom ke at which the penitent’s work is made difficult. Barsan laagi badariya rhoom jhoom ke, rasani bheeje, pathali bheeje, the river overflows making the branches swoon. Jhoolan laagi laalaniya rhoom jhoom ke, the world praised. Barsan laagi badariya rhoom jhoom ke, when the clouds gather in splendor. Persian interpretation of Hindustani classical music. Tarana: Dher Dher Tha dheem tha dheem thana derena thana thana thana thaka dhin, than dha than than thaka dhin.

Rabbinic prophecy. Aankhiyan Hari, Darasana Ki Pyari. My eyes are thirsty for you O God.