In Memorium-Ofra Haza-Im nin’alu–Forever Young.

woman with green braceletIm nin’alu daltei nedivim Daltei marom lo nin’alu Im nin’alu Im nin’alu …El chai El chai

Eternal Witness:- Funeral Thoughts. Not Arguments. 1942 and 1948.


Jewish Virtual Library (A Division of The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise.)Not damnation. The camp of Plaszow was originally designed to be a work camp.However, like many other Nazi camps, shortages of food existed, prisoners starved or were worked to death, or summarily shot for no reason. The camp had been opened in December 1942.  More than 150,000 civilians were held prisoner in Plaszow, Occupied Germany not.

gandhifuneralFuneral procession of MK Gandhi, 1948, New Delhi, Independent India. Funeral Pyre for MK Gandhi 1948. River Jamuna India.  Public Domain.


History of Israel, Humanity’s Moral Reckoning–Endless History Or Propaganda?

Babul Mora, The Beloved Of Souls Return Home.

Babul Mora Naihar chooto jai Babula mora, naihar chooto hi jai. Babul Mora, repeat, char kahar mel  mori duliya sajabe re, mora apna begana chooto jai, angna to parvat bhayo aur deheri bhahi bides, le babul ghar aapno,mei chale piya ke des, mora apna begana, chooto jai, babula mora, naihar chooto hi jai.

The beloved (bird) of my soul has left home. My song has left as well. The four corners of the earth I will adorn for thee, my beloved when will you come home? I am afraid of the mountains and the land that lies far away yet my soul flies there. I will go to the land where my beloved reigns as my song yearns to leave for home.

Professor of Exceptionalism-American Values.

Professing American exceptionalism – the conviction that our country holds a unique place and role in human history – we proudly associate ourselves with those Americans of all political stripes who, more than three decades ago in a world as dangerous as today’s, came together to advance the cause of freedom. Repudiating the folly of an amateur foreign policy and defying a worldwide Marxist advance, they announced their strategy in the timeless slogan we repeat today: peace through strength – an enduring peace based on freedom and the will to defend it, and American democratic values and the will to promote them. While the twentieth century was undeniably an American century – with strong leadership, adherence to the principles of freedom and democracy our Founders’ enshrined in our nation’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and a continued reliance on Divine Providence – the twenty-first century will be one of American greatness as well.

Dictatorship and private property. Rule of Civil Laws never again.

One likely empirical implication from this discussion is that left-wing dictatorships are worse at protecting property rights than right-wing dictatorships. “Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected.”

If I were a Czech Whaaat come again?

MK Gandhi and his opinion about dictatorship.