What will enslavement to God look like?

God’s grace is always larger than our sin.

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Rabbis in penance before God’s Temple. Adonai hears.


The Wall of the Temple in Jerusalem.

rabbis in penanceexaltation

Piety in Faith.

Piety in Faith. Holy God.

Runa Jhuna Baaje. Bells. Shubha Mudgal, Raag Nand.


Runa jhuna baaje,lalana paga payjaniya,runa jhuna baaje, mridu muskan kili ati bhori, hasa hasa lega baliyan maiyan, runa jhuna baaje. Bells will resound for the coming of the Lord. His pleasure will be revealed in the fullness of his countenance. Smiling He will hold in his arm, mothers. Bells resound for the Lord’s advent.