Who is the God that dances in my soul? Momo Chitthe Niti Nrithe. Lyrics by Poet Rabindranath Tagore about sensuality’s commands..

Who is the solitary one who makes dance a record of souls?  Momo chitthe nithi nrithye ke je nache, tha tha thoi thoi tha tha thoi thoi tha tha thoi thoi. Thari shonge ki mridhonge, shodha baaje. The dance’s melody ushers in the Eternal One. Hashi kanna heera panna dhole bhale kape chhondhe, bhalo mondho thale thale.  Laughter and tears are like diamonds and emeralds.  Music shivers to the verse of the dance.  Nache jonmo, nache mrithyu, pache pache, life and death are equal in his eyes.  Ki anondho, ki anondho, ki anondho, as he only seeks to reward souls. Dhibarathri nache mukthi nache bondho. During the night, the celestial dance frees salvation and bondage. Shei thoronge, chuthi ronge, pache pache tha tha thoi thoi. Swaying to song waves follow You where ever You are.




For those lost, here is a comprehensive response to Moral Will. Destiny prevailing.


Moral means right conduct,  virtuous, reply to God’s laws for governing all human beings. Moral Will is desiring God.