Hori premo gogone chiro raka (rab.) God keep thy Rabbi in Heaven’s arms forevermore.

Hori premo gogone chiro raka (rab) God keep thy beloved in thy love. Chiro proshonno ki madhuri makha, so that they bathe iglory.  Juktho jogothae chiro jagrotho prohori, in the enslaved world they, (rab) are the ones that can enlighten the world that you watch over. Poroshoshicho chiro korunamritho lohori, when thus experienced the world is as waves of mercy ondho aakhi mohe dakha, what are humans to do as we are blind. Shadhu bhogotho jono iye mokorondho saints reveal the water’s bounty- devotion. Aei hori momo mono gothi authi mondho, to reveal life’s plight.  Ude jethe naahi go pakha, there is no escape for humans are without wings to fly away. Hori premo gogone chiro raka- rab, premo gogone chiro Raka, Rabbi. God keep thy Rabbi in thy love forevermore.

Leonard Cohen songs. Dance me to the end of love. Hollywood movie, scent of a woman.

Chaand heriche, chaand mukho tar, shoroshi aar shithe, Nazrul Geeti, Vocalist, Anup Ghosal.

Chaand heriche chaand mukho taar, shoroshir aarsheethe, The one who is enveloped by the moon is also its face from the frozen lake’s reflected glory. Chute thorongo bashona bhongo, the waves of the clouds around her pour into every home.  Shae ongo poroshithe, such is her power. Heriche rojoni rojoni jaagiya, the light that envelopes all beings has come alive. Chokoro uthola chaandero laagiya, clinging onto her, kaha piyu kaahaan dakiche papiya who will search for folorn love birds? Kumudire kaadaite, as they are at the river’s edge weeping. Na jaani shojoni kotho shae rojoni, who knows how much light will be required to quench the wailing of forgotten love.  Kedheche chokori paapiya, as even the beloved has been made into a slave.  Heriche shoshire shoroshi mukure, Come out into daylight, dhiru chaya thoru kaapiya, so that sun’s shadows tremble. Kedheche akashe chaandero bhoroni, as the skies cry out for you.  Chiro birohini rohini boroni, who will remain a radiant bride, obosho akasho dhibosho dhoroni, surely those who pray for her return wait patiently for the fullness of the moon.