Children are the symbol of peace and justice kissing. When property’s truth can be the nature of value, revolt. MK Gandhi in Canning Hall, England.


The Three Stooges–What Halloween? Comedians of the matchless kind.

Rembember Old Loves Even As The New Arrives. (Swadeshi), His Country Nobel Laureate Poet Rabindranath Tagore, MK Gandhi Reflection.

Rabindranath Tagore and Gandhi in 1940.

Rabindranath Tagore and Gandhi in 1940. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

October 3. Human society is a ceaseless growth, an unfoldment in terms of spirituality. If so, it must be based on ever increasing restraint upon the demands of the flesh. Thus, marriage must be considered to be a sacrament imposing discipline upon the partners, restricting them to the physical union among themselves and for the purpose only of procreation when both the partners desire and are prepared for it. MK Gandhi-Pearls of Wisdom, Mohan Mala. Tagore Mohan Mala Not? Poet Rabindranath: Tobu mone rekho o tobu, jodi dure jaae chole  jai  tobu mone rokhe jodi puratonao prem dhaka pore jai nobo   premo jale mone rekho o jodhu thake kacheba na kache dekhite na pao khayal moto achi na achi, mone rekho jodi jol aashe aankhi paathe (2) eto diin jodi khela khele jai modhu raate, tobu mone rekho,  ato diin bandha pode kaaje sharan prate mone rekho jodi pae mone chal dekha dai nayan pone tobu mone rekho, jodi jol ashe aankhi pashe, ato diin jodi khela khele jai madhu raate ato badha pode kaje chal chal nai dekha dai rate ato dekha dai nayan kone tobu mone rekho. Still try to remember, even if I  travel far away, still remember. If old loves are covered suddenly and new ones come into being, remember. It does not matter if we remain close to one another or if you cannot be seen, like a whim that is there and not there, remember for now. If tears gather near your eyes, if all these days you have played in honey covered nights, still try to remember. For all the times, that work was hindered at Your feet, try and remember me.  If having got your soul and the tears are no longer visible at night, try to remember. If new loves cannot do so themselves.