Hemanth, the season of knowldege. Barsan Laage Badariya, The cloud of rainfall. Pt. Channulal Mishra, vocalist.

 Rooma Jhoom, barsan laage badariya, rooma jhoom ke, the clouds dance in the rain, aayo sawan, athi man bhavan, come beloved to fill my soul, sakhiyan gawe rooma jhoom ke, all the helpmates sing of the cloud’s glory. Jo rutha Hari suung radhae palana, those who stay with God become his. Pahine kusum rang chodhauria, Wearing bright garb gawath raag malhar, sing of the raag Malhar’s songs chamke jhulawathe sundhariya re, barsan laage. Lightning reveals the beauty of the clouds.

Megho Meduro Boroshai. Vocalist H. Shukla. Songs by the poet, Nazrul Islam. Yerushalaim Shel Zahav Jerusalém of Gold by Shuli Natan.

Megho meduro boroshai kothai tumi phulo choraye kaande bunobhumi, Megho meduro boroshai, boroshai kothai tumi, megho ….jhure bari dhara phire aesho pothohara kaande nodi thoto chumi megho meduro boroshai kothai tumi.  In a cloudless sky where are you hidden in the rain God? The strewn flowers make the earth and forests cry. The rainfall makes paths clear for those who have lost their way.  Seeing, the  river kissed.  Within the cloudless sky why are You hidden in the rain?  Yerushalaim Shel Zahav Jerusalém of Gold. Sung by Shuli Natan. blackswan

Ancient Jerusalem Made Holy.

Ancient Jerusalem Made Holy.








 ם צלול כיין וריח אורנים נישא ברוח הערביים עם קול פעמונים.ובתרדמת אילן ואבןשבויה בחלומההעיר אשר בדד יושבתובליבה חומהירושלים של זהבושל נחושת ושל אורהלא לכל שירייךאני כינור…חזרנו אל בורות המיםלשוק ולכיכרשופר קורא בהר הביתבעיר העתיקה.ובמערות אשר בסלעאלפי שמשות זורחותנשוב נרד אל ים המלחבדרך יריחו.אך בבואי היום לשיר לךולך לקשור כתריםקטונתי מצעיר בנייךומאחרון המשוררים.כי שמך צורב את השפתייםכנשיקת שרףאם אשכחך ירושליםאשר כולה זהבירושלים של זהב. Jerusalem of Gold. The mountain air is clear as wine, And the scent of pines Is carried on the breeze of twilight With the sound of bells. And in the slumber of tree and stone, Captured in her dream The city that sits solitary And in its midst is a wall. Jerusalem of gold, and of bronze, and of light Behold I am a violin, for all your songs. We have returned to the cisterns To the market and to the market-place A ram’s horn (shofar) calls out (i.e. is being heard) on the Temple Mount. In the Old City.  And in the caves in the mountain Thousands of suns shine -We will once again descend to the Dead Sea By way of Jericho! Jerusalem of gold, and of bronze and of light. Behold I am a violin for all your songs. But as I come to sing to you today, And to adorn crowns to you (i.e. to tell your praise) I am the smallest of the youngest of your children (i.e. the least worthy of doing so) And of the last poet (i.e. of all the poets born). For your name scorches the lips Like the kiss of a seraph If I forget thee, Jerusalem, Which is all gold…Jerusalem of gold, and of bronze, and of light Behold I am a violin for all your songs. Torah. Teaching, a moral law. violin



Madhuban Me Radhika Nache Re. In the garden of purity, Radha, the beloved companion of Lord Krishna, is seen dancing. Raag Hameer. Mainda yaar ami miya, O My Beloved Companion Come To Stay. Vocalist, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan.

Please click below for full audio presentation. .Aaa madhuban me radhika nache re giridhar ki muraliya baaje re. giridhar, pagh me ghunghar,baandh ke ghungtan mukh dalke nainan me kajra lagake madhuban me radhika nache re dolat cham cham kamani, aaa…chamkat jaise damani chanchal pyare chab laage, madhuban…mirdhange baje tiriktak dhum dhaa dhaa….choom choom krandha..aaa..madhuban me radhika nache re…aaaa…nisa resa .gaare sa re ma pa madhuban…sa sa sa o de nadir ta ni ta deem deem tana o dir tana tum dhir dhir dha tirkhat o de nadir ta deem tanana..sitar playing notes. O look in the forest of delight Radha the consort of the Lord Krishna dances with the flute. She has prepared for this moment by clasping bells on her ankles, covering her face with a veil and lining her eyes with kohl (dark colors). Her dancing expresses the longing of Radha for the eternal. It is attuned to flute and prepared for rain and lightning thunder. Her fleet feet are beloved as she dances in praise of Lord Krishna.

 Mainde yaar ami miyan…tedere karane jidre maar,.pal judaiyine dosti dukh mukhra dukh lavi mende ji nunat tarse samimyan mainde yaar ami miyan, ga pa dha pa ma,…mainde yaar, dhani re sa… dhani sa. O my dear friend, my beloved come, without you my life is incomplete, we have moments of friendship and then of separation, dear friend please show your face and don’t make me wait for you.