Rabbis prayers at the Western Wall, The Site Of Pilgrimage. Israel the Holy Land.


Marc Chagall: Quintessential Jewish Artist Of The 20th Century.

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Portrait of Marc Chagall

Portrait of Marc Chagall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Immortal Beloved-Letters Of Beethoven From The Movie. Vladimir Horowitz, the moonlight sonata. Piano music by Beethovan.

Professor of Exceptionalism-American Values.

Professing American exceptionalism – the conviction that our country holds a unique place and role in human history – we proudly associate ourselves with those Americans of all political stripes who, more than three decades ago in a world as dangerous as today’s, came together to advance the cause of freedom. Repudiating the folly of an amateur foreign policy and defying a worldwide Marxist advance, they announced their strategy in the timeless slogan we repeat today: peace through strength – an enduring peace based on freedom and the will to defend it, and American democratic values and the will to promote them. While the twentieth century was undeniably an American century – with strong leadership, adherence to the principles of freedom and democracy our Founders’ enshrined in our nation’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and a continued reliance on Divine Providence – the twenty-first century will be one of American greatness as well.

Aphoristic Pleasure or Promise? Quotes of MK Gandhi.

The prescient nature of practice consists of  fellowship, sacrificial benefit, and tribute. Gandhi managed to mesh all three. Fellowship-brotherhood of man, sacrificial benefit-satyagraha in plain truth, surrender to God.