Pt. Kumar Gandharva, Karina Yadumani Sadana, Marathi Natya Sangeet, Dramatic Music (NOT.)

Karīna yadumani sadanā.Rucira sadana pati-mana satīnā.Aśubha maṇīmaya bhuvana abalānā.Jarī nātha ramēnā. I have plead to You with all my heart and soul. Such has become my daily routine as I hold you, husband for my bride.  Everyone bring your sins to His abode that all may be cleansed. The kingdom of God, Ram, is within us always and forever.

Prabhu Aji Gamala, Lord you have in front of you a penitent devotee. Pt. Kumar Gandharva.


Lord today you have in front of you a devotee. Having waited,  I have tried to come to you as a new bride as dying hearts will you resuscitate. Thus, I have been prepared to sacrifice my life for the promise. Nectarine praise becomes your completion in every corner of this world. Among aspirants you gather your Glory. And in our midst  bring your strength together for its purpose. Such is the might of your promise. Lord today you have in front of you a penitent devotee. Prabhu aji gamalā, mane tōṣalā.Kōpē bahu mājhā. Thō prabhurājā.  Āthā hāsalā. Mane tōṣalā. Mr̥taci hr̥daya hōthē nātha, hē pūrṇa jhālē.  Pari vacanasudhēnē (promise) tyāsi jivantha kēlē. Amr̥tamadhura śabda tyā punhā aikaṇyāthē. Śhravaṇi sakala mājhī śhakti ēkatra hōtē.

Virat Dyani: The Great Giver of Majesty. Pt. Kumar Gandharva of mystic singers. Gharana not.

Abode of Lord Krishna. Brindavan.

Abode of Lord Krishna. Brindaban.

Synagogue, Moscow, Russia

Synagogue, Moscow, Russia


“Virat Dyani 1974” from Kumar Gandharva.   Virat Dyani, aaa, kondathela sumani virat..kondathela sumani virat dyani, sumanrenu chara char bhuvani, sumanrenu, paritey Krishna jaan, kanan kalyase mahajan karan, maage u vadani virat dyani. The Manifestation of God is ascertained through attributes. The Giver of Majesty HE is one who is adorned with jewels wise and plentiful as the grains of sand. Familiarize yourself with the service of Lord Krishna as you will be blessed by being great people. It is immensely fortunate to serve HIM, a servant and master who provides eloquent blessings. Rejoice in the service of the Brilliant and Majestic Supreme Divinity. Virat Dyani.cuppola