Pt. D.V. Paluskar “Ladali” Raag Miyan Ki Malhar. Rain for the Beloved. For Marie. Teachings of the Rabbi Hillel (30 BC – 9 AD)

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?  If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when? Hillel The Elder.jewishfemale

Ladali ladalithe ladan dhunde barkha ruthe mohe bicha nanana nanana dhe chunariya the, ladali, ladalithe, ladan dhunde barkha ruthe mohe bicha nanana nanana dhe chunariya thae ladali….jaise ruthe upathe bhavan me momar dundhe ro sada rang ke dhe pichkar barkha ruthe mohe bicha nanana nanana dhe chunariya.

Beloved in the season of rainfall, your glory spread all over this earth. I have searched and now have found you wherever you are. Just like in the palace of seasons, the monsoon, the peacock dances with joy praising the Creator with color. I search your face that is forever bright in the season of rain.

Methuselah’s righteousness and God’s descension from heaven Gen 5:27

Methuselah and the patience of God not only is Methuselah the oldest recorded man in the bible, he lived 969 years, but he died in the year of the flood. He was the grandfather of Noah (Gen 5:18-32). His name may mean, “When he dies, judgment.” On the day he died the flood came and destroyed them all. Methuselah is an example of God’s patience, because God delayed the Flood until his death, the oldest man to live. He was the living patience of God.