Truth as an extension of human slavery not? The burden of genocidal atrocities or crimes against law of value.

Easter Blessing and Communion at the Vatican with Pope Francis and the faithful. Prayers for those this Holy Week who perished favoring God in Sri Lanka. Tribute beginning at 17:14 in the video below.

The Right to Liberty according to the Constitution of the United States. Liberty literally means freedom.

rousseauYour constitutional liberty to freedom allows you to live your life free of government control. Of course, you have to pay taxes and obey laws. But the government can’t force you to take certain actions against your will, in the interest of society at large. It can’t tell you that you must vote a certain way. You have the right to make up your own mind about issues, including those that affect the whole country, not just yourself. “Behind the legal sovereign that the lawyer recognizes, there is another sovereign to whom the legal sovereign must bow. ” (Dicey.) This is the political sovereign. In democracies, the legal sovereign receives its authority from the electorate, whatever be the basis of the right of vote, and is answerable to it for the exercise of its powers. Legal sovereign is subject to be changed by the mandate of the electorate at regular intervals. Even during the term of Parliament, in the cabinet system of government, legislature may be dissolved and fresh mandate from the electorate sought. The legislature makes laws on the basis of the policy approved by the electorate.  So we may say that the electorate is political sovereign.



Waging peace through non-violence as demonstrated in Satyagraha of MK Gandhi.

non-violence is notagarmentmkgandhionviolence



The main reasons as to why non-violence and peace are ineffably linked together.

Nonviolence is the personal practice of being harmless to self and others under every condition. One possible outcome can be human unity. Nonviolence and Human Unity. Many nonviolence theorists see an even deeper rationale for nonviolence than the ones to which we have already referred. The essence of the practice of nonviolence is that it seeks to liquidate antagonisms but not the antagonists themselves (‘hate the sin but not the sinner’). This may be based on religious injunction or on a strong sense of the unity of all life: either way, this means that it is ethically wrong and existentially or spiritually self-defeating to treat another with less dignity than is warranted by a shared humanity or divine inheritance.

MK Gandhi and his command of disobeying illegal authority, governmental and otherwise.



“Will America, England and the other great nations of the West continue to exploit the so called weaker or uncivilized races and hope to attain peace that the whole world is pining for? Or will Americans continue to prey upon one another, have commercial rivalries and yet expect to dictate peace to the world?”  What a law of value NOT.

Blinded America.

Blinded America.

Thanksgiving to God in all.

Women of Valor.



All glory, laud, and honor, to thee, Redeemer, King,  to whom the lips of children made sweet hosannas ring.  Thou art the King of Israel,  thou David’s royal Son,  who in the Lord’s name comest,  the King and Blessed One.     (Refrain)  The company of angels  are praising thee on high, and we with all creation in chorus make reply.     (Refrain.) The people of the Hebrews  with psalms before thee went;  our prayer and praise and anthems  before thee we present. (Refrain.) To thee, before thy passion,  they sang their hymns of praise; to thee, now high exalted, our melody we raise.  (Refrain.) Thou didst accept their praises;  accept the prayers we bring, who in all good delightest,
thou good and gracious King.

.God spotless through clothing. Jini jini bini chadariya, kahe ke tana kaheke bharli, khonda taarse bini chadariya, pingala pingala tana bharli,shushmat taarse bini chadariya, aath kamal dal charkha dole,panchtattva guni jini chadariya sain ko seeyat mas das laage,thokke thokke bini chadariya,jo chadar sur nar muni odhe,odh kemail ikini chadariya, das kabir jatanathe odhe,jyoti ondhardini chadariya, jini jini jini jini bini chadariya. The divine command reveals itself as a garment for all living and celestial beings. Who proclaims this GLORY? His company, divined among the days and nights of mankind fills spirit with truth. Taking from the five pieties the Lord weaves virtues into the world as a garment.  In so doing, removed disgrace. His faithful servant, Saint Kabir preserves a spotless fabric to delight God with the illumination of faith. The divine command revealed its glory as a garment to be worn amongst human-kind.






“There is one moral law that governs all living beings and it is not a blind law.” MK Gandhi.

Robert Woito (1982) sees the ultimate expression of violence-war-in exactly the opposite way: War is the denial of community, for it breaks the unity essential to establish non-tyrannical law.

1 corinthians.