Swadeshi movement. (One’s own Country.) Movement for a Modern Bengal’s failure begun in 1901 and ended in 1947 with the partition of British India into India, Pakistan and later Bangladesh.


In 1905, the first partition in Bengal  1905 was implemented as an administrative preference, making governing the two provinces, West and East Bengal, easier.[1] While the partition split the province between West Bengal, in which the majority was Hindu, and the East, where the majority was Muslim, the 1905 partition left considerable minorities of Hindus in East Bengal and Muslims in West Bengal. While the Muslims were in favour of the partition, as they would have their own province, Hindus were not. This controversy led to increased violence and protest and finally, in 1911, the two provinces were once again united. However, the disagreements between Hindus and Muslims in Bengal which had sparked the Partition of Bengal in 1905 still remained and laws, including the second Partition of Bengal in 1947, were implemented to fulfill the political needs of the parties involved.partitionofbengal


                                        Modern Bengal NOT. The partition of Bengal, 1905 and the beginning of the Swadeshi movement by MK Gandhi and other leaders of the resistance movement against the British Government which eventually failed due to the political infighting between the Hindus, Muslims and Britain. 

Reparations for Partition of British India due to the failure of the Satyagraha initiative of MK Gandhi 1928-1947.

During the partition of British India, Lord Mountbatten judge, jury and executioner allowed an arbitrary line to be drawn as the partition resulting in a bloodbath and uprooting of 10+ million people from 1946-1948.

Queen Elizabeth buys a $10.3 million New York apartment in the United States. The British Monarch bought a building from a Manhattan landlord for millions of dollars. 2015.

Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose, non? For those who need translation here is the English aphorism the more things change the more they remain the same.

the British MonarchyLe Dieu et Mon Droit. God is my right.