Between faith and fanaticism lay reason; Sakhi, companion. Raag Kedar. Pandit Kumar Gandharva, Hindustani classical music.


Sakhi nikata neera,Companion come close sundar pathahi  your paths are beautiful  madhuri murati, and fragrant, madhana mohana, Lord Krishna, God, jo han jore badhana sabha sadhana dekhi hamare, who is strong of build, in order that all can see and devote themselves to you O God. Saware Kishore sura, Beloved Krishna whose song muni ek nari sohi, biij lalitha sahaja, brings saints and humans together in glorious assembly, bichore, allow it to be spread all over, sura dheerajai dhari, understand though that the song takes time to be absorbed param karam safal kari, because it speaks of the highest works that are offered and fullfilled by your Grace. And sunna bikal hoye sukh ko jane make hearts happy. Lochana laao barahi bari, gadhan dhoye
Bring your blue hued eyes so that they may bathe our mortal bodies, sin. Sakhi sura prem nagana gai aapon hoye, Companion, song and love are joined together and become one as souls. Thulasi kaari koun jaane kahan se aayi, Blessing all, where did you suddenly come from? Surath aapan hoyae, allow your visage to become ours.

Ranga Na Daro Shyamji, Do not paint me with colors God, Lord Krishna. Vocalist Pandit Kumar Gandharva.


Rang na daro Shyamji, gori paer rang na daro Shyamji bairi layee ye naye sari sakhi sahele haasa kare dairi gari rang na daro Shyamji, kaise ho khilare manate nahi para jori, kairo jaro mai to haari rang na daro Shyamji. Do not paint me with your colors Lord. My feet that are as fair as a maiden’s will not be soiled. The sari I wear is still so new that my companions laugh at it. There is no escape from them as you do not come for me.  Do no paint me with your color, Lord Krishna says Radha.  What sort of a games man are you that comes to me with promises that will not be kept?  I am bound and defeated. Do not color me with your promises Lord Krishna said Radha.



Ab To Aaja Re Rajan. Come home now King. Raag Nand. Vocalist, the grandson of Pandit Kumar Gandharva, Bhuvan Komkali.

Badara. Rain clouds.

The Empire Of His Beauty.

Israel antiquities authority.

Israel antiquities authority.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem. The Wall of prayers.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem. The Wall of prayers.

Ab tho aaja re rajan, dheeran rahath kajara ankhan me rajan ab tho aajare rajan abanna sahu re piya abanna sahu re piya chubb thori ho gayi aakhan me rajan ab tho aaja re rajan. It has been long enough, come home  now my King. I have waited patiently with kohl covered eyes so that where-ever I look I may only see You.  Prince of the world you are Beloved and all that is now belongs to You so that we are to worship You wherever we will be. Come to my home now God.