Shondha malothi jobae when evening met the arrangement of clouds, blossoms appeared.

Shondha malothi jobae when evening meets the arrangement of clouds phulo bonae jhurae blossoms cover the earth and all of its inhabitants.  Kae aashi bajalae bashi bhoirobee shurae, Who comes with a melodious flute playing the raag bhairavi (morning)? Shajer purno chaandae oruno bhabhiya, the dressed up moon believes it is born again. Papiya probhathi shurae uthilo gahiya , the songbird wakes up singing pleasingly. Bhorer komol bhaebae, believing it to be morning its yearning shaajer shapla phulae, descends on the bejewelled Shapla flower.  Kunjore bhromor dhurae dhurae, In the gardens, the bumble bee spreads the Shapla flower’s scent far and wide. Shaajer shopna kunjonae, with pregnant dreams bikaler shaadher dhaka, the evening orders what must be fulfilled chilo bono bhumi, the safety of our homes among forests.  Shokaler mollika phutailae thumi,  You who have raised  morning’s plume rangilo shaadh rongae of bright red ghodhuli logono, brought about auspicious times shonaalae  ashaar bani of hope’s story biroho bidhurae for the forlorn everywhere.

Chaand heriche, chaand mukho tar, shoroshi aar shithe, Nazrul Geeti, Vocalist, Anup Ghosal.

Chaand heriche chaand mukho taar, shoroshir aarsheethe, The one who is enveloped by the moon is also its face from the frozen lake’s reflected glory. Chute thorongo bashona bhongo, the waves of the clouds around her pour into every home.  Shae ongo poroshithe, such is her power. Heriche rojoni rojoni jaagiya, the light that envelopes all beings has come alive. Chokoro uthola chaandero laagiya, clinging onto her, kaha piyu kaahaan dakiche papiya who will search for folorn love birds? Kumudire kaadaite, as they are at the river’s edge weeping. Na jaani shojoni kotho shae rojoni, who knows how much light will be required to quench the wailing of forgotten love.  Kedheche chokori paapiya, as even the beloved has been made into a slave.  Heriche shoshire shoroshi mukure, Come out into daylight, dhiru chaya thoru kaapiya, so that sun’s shadows tremble. Kedheche akashe chaandero bhoroni, as the skies cry out for you.  Chiro birohini rohini boroni, who will remain a radiant bride, obosho akasho dhibosho dhoroni, surely those who pray for her return wait patiently for the fullness of the moon.

The fullness of bidrohi, (revolutionary) poet, Kazi_Nazrul_Islam. Gogone Shogone Chomokiche Damini. Vocalist Haimanti Shukla.


Gogone shogone chomokiche damini  megho ghono rosho rimijhimi borosho akela pobone boshi batayone potho chahi birohini kamini gogone shogone chomokiche damini, pubali  pobono hai daduri  daake obhishare  jole khuje kahake boiragini shaje unmona damini gogone shogone chomokiche damini megho ghono rosho rinijhimi borosho, akela bhupali pobono bar daduri daake obhishare jole khuje kahanke bairagini shaje unmona damini, gogone.. megho ghono rosho rimijhimi borosho, akela pobone boshi batayone potho chahi birohini  kamini, gogone shogone chomokiche damini….

In the cloudy sky lightning strikes making melodious music of the rain. Seated by the window, the lonely  show the way for renunciates to return home. The eastern breeze speaks of the chatter of frogs calling all lovers to their trysts. Who do they search for? It is lightning dressed as if it were under water.  In the cloudy sky it makes melodious music of the rain. Solitary frogs reunite truant lovers. I seated alone by the window ask for the way home. In the cloudy sky the lightning strikes making melodious music of the rain.

Porodeshi Megh, the distant cloud. Vocalist, Kanak Chanpa. Nazrul Geeti, Songs of the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. 1977.

The independence struggle against Britain from the 1920s onwards saw Congress adopt Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s policy of nonviolence and civil resistance. Poets such as Kazi Nazrul Islam used literature, poetry, and speech as a tool for political awareness.

Piety of faith.

Piety of faith.

Porodeshi Megh Jao Re Phire, Bolio amar porodeshi re.. She deshe jobe badolo jhore, kande na ki pran ekela ghore, biroho betha nahi ki shetha baje na banshi nodiro tire. Badolo rate dakile piya, dakile piya piya papiya. Bedonai bhore othe na ki re kaharo hiya. Phote jobe phul, othe jobe chand, jagi na shetha ki prane kono shadhe Deyena keho gurugonjona she deshe bujhi kuloboti re. Porodeshi megh. Distant cloud go back unwanted. In those countries where ruin reigns does your heart not cry out in suffering and loneliness? Why go near a river where there will be no water?  In the stormy night your beloved calls out. Why does your suffering not move the heart of a single human being?  Even if the flowers bloomed and the moon rose, there is no awakening in the land in which you abide.  There is no prize from where you come yet am I to understand that you are respected there?  Distant cloud go back today.

Megho Meduro Boroshai. Vocalist H. Shukla. Songs by the poet, Nazrul Islam. Yerushalaim Shel Zahav Jerusalém of Gold by Shuli Natan.

Megho meduro boroshai kothai tumi phulo choraye kaande bunobhumi, Megho meduro boroshai, boroshai kothai tumi, megho ….jhure bari dhara phire aesho pothohara kaande nodi thoto chumi megho meduro boroshai kothai tumi.  In a cloudless sky where are you hidden in the rain God? The strewn flowers make the earth and forests cry. The rainfall makes paths clear for those who have lost their way.  Seeing, the  river kissed.  Within the cloudless sky why are You hidden in the rain?  Yerushalaim Shel Zahav Jerusalém of Gold. Sung by Shuli Natan. blackswan

Ancient Jerusalem Made Holy.

Ancient Jerusalem Made Holy.








 ם צלול כיין וריח אורנים נישא ברוח הערביים עם קול פעמונים.ובתרדמת אילן ואבןשבויה בחלומההעיר אשר בדד יושבתובליבה חומהירושלים של זהבושל נחושת ושל אורהלא לכל שירייךאני כינור…חזרנו אל בורות המיםלשוק ולכיכרשופר קורא בהר הביתבעיר העתיקה.ובמערות אשר בסלעאלפי שמשות זורחותנשוב נרד אל ים המלחבדרך יריחו.אך בבואי היום לשיר לךולך לקשור כתריםקטונתי מצעיר בנייךומאחרון המשוררים.כי שמך צורב את השפתייםכנשיקת שרףאם אשכחך ירושליםאשר כולה זהבירושלים של זהב. Jerusalem of Gold. The mountain air is clear as wine, And the scent of pines Is carried on the breeze of twilight With the sound of bells. And in the slumber of tree and stone, Captured in her dream The city that sits solitary And in its midst is a wall. Jerusalem of gold, and of bronze, and of light Behold I am a violin, for all your songs. We have returned to the cisterns To the market and to the market-place A ram’s horn (shofar) calls out (i.e. is being heard) on the Temple Mount. In the Old City.  And in the caves in the mountain Thousands of suns shine -We will once again descend to the Dead Sea By way of Jericho! Jerusalem of gold, and of bronze and of light. Behold I am a violin for all your songs. But as I come to sing to you today, And to adorn crowns to you (i.e. to tell your praise) I am the smallest of the youngest of your children (i.e. the least worthy of doing so) And of the last poet (i.e. of all the poets born). For your name scorches the lips Like the kiss of a seraph If I forget thee, Jerusalem, Which is all gold…Jerusalem of gold, and of bronze, and of light Behold I am a violin for all your songs. Torah. Teaching, a moral law. violin