Can these dry bones live? Social and political reform at the turn of the century. Evil’s exigencies.

ireland123“Man, truly virtuous, who means anything more than Shew and Parade, who wishes well to his Country or to Mankind, who hath any thing more than Self, and some little fading transitory interest in view, will, at this Time particularly, try what he can do towards it: The Man who doth not, in proportion to the Power he is instructed with, is answerable to his Country for every miscarriage and disaster that happens, for the Evil it feels, and for the Evil it fears: The prosperity, the preservation, apparently the very Being of the State depends upon it; it’s Credit abroad, its Peace at home, its present Tranquility, and all it’s future security. None of these, we are bold to say, had ever been in the hazard and uncertainty they now are, had the rule been strictly adhered to; the cowardice of some, the treachery of others, the corruption of many, and the dissolute wantonness and luxury of all, had never, as it now is, been the general Complaint.”







Renunciation and untouchability are experiences born of the same parent. Benjamin on Illuminations.

Walter Benjamin, Quotes. Nationality: German , Critic, Born: July 15, 1892, Died: September 27, 1940.


The Life and Times of Walter Benjamin.

The Life and Times of Walter Benjamin.