Jaane Kya Thune Kahi, What did you say to me? From the movie Pyaasa or the hungry.

Jaane kya thune kahi, what do you say to me?  Jaane kya mainae suni, and what do I hear in turn?  Bathae kuch banhi gayi, such has been the agreement between us. San sana hasthe hui,  where laughing emptiness thar thara hathe hui, removes fear. Jaag uthe kwaabe kayi, dreams will awaken somewhere, naina chup chupke uthe, eyes that secretly open paayo rukh rukhke uthe beckon the feet that went haltingly, aagayi chaane nayi, brought new wishes. Zulf shaane pae murdi, locks that cover that glory, ek khushbu sae urdi, with remembered fragrance fly. Phul gaye raaz, the flowers that gloried bathae kuch banhi gayi, now remains the agreement between us. Jaane kya thune kahi. What have you told me?

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