Madhuban Me Radhika Nache Re. In the garden of purity, Radha, the beloved companion of Lord Krishna, is seen dancing. Raag Hameer. Mainda yaar ami miya, O My Beloved Companion Come To Stay. Vocalist, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan.

Please click below for full audio presentation.  .Aaa madhuban me radhika nache re giridhar ki muraliya baaje re. giridhar, pagh me ghunghar,baandh ke ghungtan mukh dalke nainan me kajra lagake madhuban me radhika nache re dolat cham cham kamani, aaa…chamkat jaise damani chanchal pyare chab laage, madhuban…mirdhange baje tiriktak dhum dhaa dhaa….choom choom me radhika nache re…aaaa…nisa resa .gaare sa re ma pa madhuban…sa sa sa o de nadir ta ni ta deem deem tana o dir tana tum dhir dhir dha tirkhat o de nadir ta deem tanana..sitar playing notes. O look in the forest of delight Radha the consort of the Lord Krishna dances with the flute. She has prepared for this moment by clasping bells on her ankles, covering her face with a veil and lining her eyes with kohl (dark colors). Her dancing expresses the longing of Radha for the eternal. It is attuned to flute and prepared for rain and lightning thunder. Her fleet feet are beloved as she dances in praise of Lord Krishna.

 Mainde yaar ami miyan…tedere karane jidre maar,.pal judaiyine dosti dukh mukhra dukh lavi mende ji nunat tarse samimyan mainde yaar ami miyan, ga pa dha pa ma,…mainde yaar, dhani re sa… dhani sa. O my dear friend, my beloved come, without you my life is incomplete, we have moments of friendship and then of separation, dear friend please show your face and don’t make me wait for you.