Freedom is a state of being capable of making decisions without external control. Kathak Fusion. Rani gumpha andAshtapadi, Monisa Nayak.

Roshan Kumari, Kathak. Movie, Jalshaghar or the Music room.

Kathak Dance by mehfil. Aditi Jain, Dancer, Kathak.

Shyam Chaabi, The picture of God. Kathak dance ensemble.

Shyam chaabi athi mani. The face of God is precious and beautiful, mukut mathe dhari, It is adorned with a crown, bhal ke saar tilak,  and bestows blessings on the head of devotees. Thak thakita. .

Bollywood Mujra by Svetlana Tulasi, Chakkar Dance Group, Moscow, Russia.

Dhari Shyam rokh rokh gayi, When Glorious Lord Krishna stopped.  Mukh chuum gayi, to bless his devotees, sarse mori chunari gayi, the veil of shame was removed sarakh, sarakh, sarakh, sarakh, sarakh, sarakh, in this way and in that, kahe ched ched mohe, yet why do you leave?

Laya, meaning dance tempo, Adherence and Weariness..

Svetlana Nigam. Dancing-Tarana, Baji, Baji. Thumri Kathak. The flute of Lord Krishna.

Shudha Nritya. Pure dance. Kathak.

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