Dhoom Machale, Celebration. Mayuri, Petrazavodsk, Russia.

Ishq Ishq karna hai karle, ishq ishq mai jeele marle ishq ishq hai sabse pyara ishq ishq na ho dhobara, ishq hi tho zindagi hai, ishq hi tho har khushi hai ishq me khudko bulade jhoom dhoom machale, sunale, sunale, la, la lai.. hotha hai kya ishq hotha hai kya diwano se puchele ye machalte hai kyon hasse ke chalte hai kyon parwano se puchele ishq ke dhil char pyare ishq ho dwar pyare, ishq ki parchaiyon ko, dhoom machale.

If you want to love do so. Know that you will live and die in it. Love is the most beloved, there can be no imitation of it. Love brings happiness and you to it.  Make delight rain and make it known everywhere. Ask youth what is this love?  According to some, life is uncontrollable and creates laughter. A heart’s prize love is bound by the four elements of the world and also the gateway to heaven. Learn these aspects and celebrate.