La mujer de Terah. The women of Terah. Ladino. Jewish music of Spain. Ana Alcaide.

Tells the story of the birth of Abraham, the biblical prophet. In essence and witnessing the birth of a miraculous savior. La mujer de Terah prenada stava, pregnant women of Terah, ni eya no sabina, without help, el mal ke teri, left evil behind. Salian por los campos como a pedrida. They traveled until they reached Spain. Dolores (pain) tenia parir  keria ande lo pariera. It was as if they gave birth.  Meldando scriviendo en la Yieshivah. And read and wrote this for the seminary. Buen tzechut’ruvith a senor marido. The women found husbands. Meldando scriviendo en la Yieshivah en la Yieshivah. And spoke and wrote of their miracles for seminary.