Diviners of Natural Law (lat. naturale, lex naturalis.) The past Kings of Israel and Jerusalem.

Natural law is law that exists independently of the positive law of a given political order, society or nation-state.



When is Law akin to Punishment? To teach what it means to be a fish out of water.



Those God loves he chastens, for God is a loving God, not to be confused with morality.

fish out of water

Hymn by Isaac Watts. Worship for Praise of God.” Joy to the world, the Lord has come.”

Why Prayers of Praise?

Many people consider prayers of praise to be the “highest” form of prayer. Why? A prayer of praise is all about God. We ask for nothing, we seek nothing, we focus on nothing but God himself. Compare that to when we thank God for things we received. When we confess things we did. When we wait upon the Lord so that we may sense His presence or hear from Him. And when we ask for something, it’s either for us or we’re acting on behalf of someone else. But when we praise, it’s God and only God. Some people struggle with the idea that God wants or needs our praise. They find it odd that a Supreme Being would require praise from His created unless He also had a Supreme Ego. Prayers of praise. Think instead of a mother when her 5-year-old child hands her a drawing made especially for her. What’s happening in that mother’s heart? Then magnify the tenderness of her heart a million times over and you still won’t be close to understanding how tender God’s heart is for us. And how much it must mean to Him for us to praise and adore Him, no matter how meager our attempts. The God of love, Who is love, loves to be loved. We were created for a relationship with God: a love relationship. Praise God for that! So why don’t we praise God more often? For one, it’s not something that comes naturally; we have to learn how to praise. When it comes to asking for things, most children seem to learn on their own. They need help learning to say things like “Thank you” and “You’re the best.” But even after we’ve learned the lesson, there are often other things that get in our way of praising God. Let us all make the effort to notice, so that praise then becomes a natural response to the wonder around us, a natural response to God. And fast on the heels of praise is thanksgiving.