The Law of the Flesh. From a Catholic and Antitotalitarian theory of the Body: Ecstatic Morality and Sexual Politics. From G.J. McAleer and others.

Gustave Klimpt. Sensuality as art.

Gustave Klimpt. Sensuality as art.

Sensuality contains a degree of moral knowledge which may not be ignored.  It is the fact of this moral knowledge original to sensuality that establishes the appropriateness of thinking of reason’s rule over sensuality in terms of the political analogy of rulership. Sensuality is naturally ordered to reason and yet the natural involvement of the two and the mutual relation of dependence is but a lived relationship of morality and persuasion as well as obedience and to some degree consent. It might seem too strong to speak of sensuality’s consent to the rule of reason that promotes liberal conception.  Rule is for the one who is superior in knowledge and justice. Reason as a faculty is naturally more directed to the common good and more ordered to justice than is sensuality with its material aspect and the particularity that comes of that. Rule of sensuality is necessary if the human proclivity to sociality is to be realized. Sensuality indicates rule of those who are free to provide counsel and not domination. When reason turned against God at the moment of the Fall, a moment when reason resisted its own ecstatic dynamism toward a life in imitation God this rule was rejected by sensuality.  Importantly such a rejection was appropriate since reason tried to corrupt the nature of sensuality by removing its ecstatic dynamism and necessarily promoting a rule of domination in refusing the natural “free” pronitas of ecstatic sensuality. Law is “nothing else than an ordination of reason for the common good” and human law only has the quality of law in so far it is in accordance with right reason.”Insofar as it deviates from reason it is unjust law and has the nature not of law but of violence.” If a prince commands what is unjust, “his subjects are not required to obey him.” The disobedience of sensuality is one of the consequences of original sin and of concupiescence as a dispositive cause encouraging the will to move contrary to the judgment of reason. But it is crucial to realize that sometimes this unruliness is a rejection of false rule of reason.


Afsana Likh Rahi Huun. Uma Devi Singer, Dard Pain. I wrote my life’s story here.


Afsana likh rahi huun dile bekar ka, aankho mai rang bharke tere intizar ka jab tu nahi hai to kuch bhi nahi hai bahar me, 2. Ji chaheta hai nubi nade phool bahar ka aankho rang bharke tere intezar ka, afsana likh rahi..aatil hain yuun to mujko zamane ki daul se lakin nasi bulayi huun ek tor bawar ka aankho rang bharke tere intizar ka. Aja ta abko aankho me aansu ayege 2 sagar chalak ootha mere tab rokarar ka aankho me rang bharke tere intizar ka afsana likh rahi huun dile bekarar ka…I am writing down my life’s story which will soon become fiction. Yet I wait for you with kohl filled eyes. When You are not around, there is no rain to seasons. The soul pines for such season.  I have been prepared to pay life’s price yet my heart longs for more. I wait expectant, please come now as my eyes are full of tears making even the ocean leap. It made my life’s account stop. I am writing my life’s fictional account for You.