Delhi, India-Orae Piya. My Beloved. Jashn-e-Rekhta 2017. Tanya Wells, Ghazals. Norway 2016; Raftha Raftha Wo Meri,

Raftha raftha woh meri hasthi ka saamaan ho gaye, Subtly and gradually, you became the reason for my existence. Pehlay jaan, phir jaan-e-jaan, phir jaan-e-jaana ho gaye. First my life, then the love of my life, finally our love became complete. Din-b-din bardthi gehin eis husn ki raaniyaan. Day by day, my love’s empire increased. Pehlay Gul, phir gul-badan, phir gul-badamaan ho gaye. First the love was like a fragrance after which it transformed into a flower then finally blossoming into a rose. Aap tho nazdeek say nazdeek-thar aathay gaye you kept coming closer and closer to me. And being close was enough for intimacy. Pehlay dil, phir dilruba, phir dil kay mehmaan ho gaye first my heart, then my precious love and finally a permanent guest in my heart. Raftha raftha woh meri hasti ka saamaan ho gaye. Subtly and gradually, God became my existence. Pyar jab Hadd se badha saare Taqaloof mitth gaye When love transcended its boundaries, all unknowing was erased. Aap se phir thum huay phir thu ka unwaan hogaye. First we were formal then informal and finally together as one.

Muhabat karnae walae kaam na hongae. Lyrics, Hafiz Hoshiyarpuri. Vocalist, Iqbal Bano.


Muhabbath karnae walae kam na hongae.  Here is hoping that loving people are not scarce in this world. Thaeri mehfil mae laekin huum na hongae, what should one do if they are not in their company? Zamanae bhur ka gham ya ek tera gham, is it possible that all of this world’s troubles will not match up to its trials? Yae gham hoga to kitne gham na hongae.  Thus, if love is a trial, all others will become less on their own. Agar kucch. The heart’s desire will keep on increasing even if there is nothing to hold onto. Mushwarae baaham na hongae. So that evil is not insulted. Agar tuu ittefaakan mil bhi jaaye teri furkat ke sadhmae kuum na hongae.  If love should somehow come into your midst, even its absence will make our moments happy.  Hafeez main unse jitna badgumaan huun vo muz se is qadar barham na hongae…..Hafeez no matter how relationships end, I hope I will not become a prisoner of your truth. Wo maere dil ko kuchal ke chala gaya. The one who has stolen my heart, anjanae mae muzko wo shayar bana gaya, unknowingly has me a poet of love.

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