Children are the symbol of peace and justice kissing. When property’s truth can be the nature of value, revolt. MK Gandhi in Canning Hall, England.


Dimitri Shoskatovich-2nd Waltz from Anna Karenina, the movie.

Chalthe Chalthe, Walking the path of life. Film, Pakeezah. (Urdu for pure.)

Chalthe chalthe yunhi koi mil gayatha, In travels you may find life’s companions. Saarae raah chalthe, those who travel all the way. Vahi thamke ruhae gayi hai meri raath dhalthe dhalthe, stopping  they make a home with me every night. Vohi thumsae keh gayi hae meri raath jhalthe jhalthe. They tell me that they were companions in strife.  Jo kahi gayi mujh se, this is what was told to me, vo zamana keh raha hai,  a period of history that spoke. Ifsana ban gayi hain merae baath chalthe, I made a picture of my story, as I walked onward. Shabae inthizaar aakhir kabhi hogi vaqth sar bhi, Sometimes, your journey’s partner waits for the appropriate moment, ye chiraag bujh rahe hain, to put out the embers of life, mere saath jalthe jalthe in order to burn as one.

Aaj Ibaadat, Worship Now.

Mangalam bhagavan Vishnu, Glory to Lord Vishnu, mangalam garudath vaja, glory to the one who resides on the wings of the great garuda bird. Mangalam pundari kaksham, mangaglayath noor ni, Glory to the one who rests in the highest realms, there is no greater glory than this.  Aaj ibaadat, worship rubaroo ho gayi, face to face jo maangi thi uss dua se guftagoo ho gayi, that which I wanted you have provided in full. Mere maula, mere maula, O God tera shukriya, thanks be to you. Dard ke andheron se aa gaye ujaalon mein, From the darkness of pain, we have come into light, ishq ke charagon ka noor hain khayalon mein, in loves’ embers lay thought that brought light to lives. Nazron se teri chaak, dil pe rafoo ho gayi, the blinding light of your eyes have made a home in our souls, mere maula, mere maula, Tera Shukriya, to You O God we give thanks.