Escape from Hitler by Sea, pictures of European refugees who were MK Gandhi’s Jews.




Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Government Exam 2. Perrenials not.



The Fulfillment of the Law according to Jesus. Apostle Mathew’s understanding.


“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them. For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. So then, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do likewise will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.…”

Mehr-un-Nissa. The consort and beloved of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. 17th century Indian subcontinent.

Nur Jahan (Persian: نور جهان‎‎; Urdu: نور جهاں‎; Pashto: نور جہاں‎) (alternative spelling Noor Jahan, Nur Jehan, etc.) (31 May 1577 – 17 December 1645) born Mehr-un-Nissa, was the twentieth but most beloved, and therefore most important consort of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. 250px-nurjahan


unparalled beauty

The stones of Jerusalem. Gulabi, terrain of roses.



Jerusalem in progress. From the discourses of Sathya Sai Baba. May God and His Supreme Reality be blessed.

Love God with all your heart, With all your soul and with all your strength. Love is the form of The Supreme Reality, Brahman. Brahman is love Divine. The merger of human love with Divine love brings about Cosmic Order. One who is full of love attains the states of Oneness with Him. Always bless with auspicious deeds.



How to remove the intent of impiety? God’s Grace Brings Salvation. 

For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men. It instructs us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live sensible, upright, and godly lives in the present age.

God's salvation

Yervada Jail or Mandir, Gandhi, prison and satyagraha.