Civil resistance against evil’s laws. “Non-violence is a matchless weapon which can help everyone, MK Gandhi.”

Satyagraha Truth’s journeys.

“Non-violence is a matchless weapon, which can help everyone.  I know we have not done much by way of non-violence and therefore, if such changes come about, I will take it that it is the result of our labors during the last twenty-two years and that God has helped us achieve it… I want you to adopt non-violence as a matter of policy.  With me it is a creed, but so far as you are concerned I want you to accept it as policy.  As disciplined soldiers you must accept it in toto, and stick to it when you join the struggle.”

Why empire is also a revolt against truth. World War II and the butchery that follows.


MK Gandhi: Letters to Americans. Nothing has changed since then. Alas.


gandhitruthdisobedience1The editor of The Survey, a weekly concerned with social welfare and related issues, requested a contribution by Gandhi. “You expect something from my pen. You will excuse me for the time being, but I would like to give you and your readers just this assurance that our non-cooperation is not intended to promote isolation or exclusiveness, but it is but a prelude to real cooperation with the rest of the world not excluding the West. Nor would I have your readers to think that in fighting the British government I am fighting western civilisation, but I am endeavouring to fight modern civilisation as distinguished from the ancient which India has not happily yet discarded. Modern civilisation as represented by the West of today, in my opinion, has given Matter a place which by right belongs to Spirit. It has therefore put violence upon the throne of triumph and held under bondage Truth and Innocence. It is this error which enfeebled India is trying to fight, and I have no doubt whatsoever that if those who are engaged in the fight remain true to their pledge God will help them.”