Between faith and fanaticism lay reason; Sakhi, companion. Raag Kedar. Pandit Kumar Gandharva, Hindustani classical music.


Sakhi nikata neera,Companion come close sundar pathahi  your paths are beautiful  madhuri murati, and fragrant, madhana mohana, Lord Krishna, God, jo han jore badhana sabha sadhana dekhi hamare, who is strong of build, in order that all can see and devote themselves to you O God. Saware Kishore sura, Beloved Krishna whose song muni ek nari sohi, biij lalitha sahaja, brings saints and humans together in glorious assembly, bichore, allow it to be spread all over, sura dheerajai dhari, understand though that the song takes time to be absorbed param karam safal kari, because it speaks of the highest works that are offered and fullfilled by your Grace. And sunna bikal hoye sukh ko jane make hearts happy. Lochana laao barahi bari, gadhan dhoye
Bring your blue hued eyes so that they may bathe our mortal bodies, sin. Sakhi sura prem nagana gai aapon hoye, Companion, song and love are joined together and become one as souls. Thulasi kaari koun jaane kahan se aayi, Blessing all, where did you suddenly come from? Surath aapan hoyae, allow your visage to become ours.

Mujhe rangde, Bathe me with color. Anna Ivanova, Chakkar ensemble, Moscow, Russia.

Mujhe rang dhe, mujhe rang dhe Give me color, main banke savera jaag uthi main jaag uthi, I have come as the morning awakened to life. Main banke morni naach uthi, As becomes a colored bird, I dance. There naina mere naina mere nainon mein rang. Your eyes  reflected in mine fill with sight. Haan rang dhe haan rang dhe haan apni prith vich rang dhe come, fulfill me until my love comes home. There sapnon ke aangan mein cham cham chaloon. I walk in the courtyard of dreams, quietly, delightedly my anklets sing their praise. Main chaloon main chaloon there sang sang chaloon,  I want to walk with you my beloved companion. I walk, by your side I walk, aaja aaja ve aaja thu banke hawaa. Come to me as soulfully as rain. There sadke jawaa tere maare jawaa, I absorb all  troubles in order that you remain with me.  Main bhi thanha hoon thu bhi hai thanha kahin, I am fraught with difficulty as are you. Somewhere out there, main adhoori yahan thu adhoora kahin, Separated from each other we are incomplete Ek aahat si hoti hai mujhko yahan, I hear a footstep, are you there? Thu kahan hai kahan hai kahan hai kahan I search for you day and night.  Mujhe le chal thu le chal tu le chal wahan, Take me with you wherever you are. Take me there, take me there, jahan tak aasmaan aasmaan aasmaan, where  our roads lead to the sky and beyond. Ho mohobat ki duniya nashe maien jahan, where all loves are complete as hearts demand.  Mujhe le chal tu le chal tu le chal wahan, take me, let us go there now.