Who has authority over sin? God determining worthiness for blessings.




Receive these blessings may do so only with the approval of the “judge in Israel.”

Salamat raho, be blessed, beloved one. This is my only wish. Movie songs.

Falak pe jitne sitare zindagi ho teri, Your life should remain as plentiful as stars in the sky. Chand Se Ziada Zamaane Mein Roshni Ho Teri.  With you here, there is more light here than the moon permits. Thera Sadqa Uttar Doon, Kehin Nazar Na Lage. I may always praise you so that your effulgence is not dimmed. Thu Sada Khush Rahe, Duniya Ki Har Khushi Ho Theri. That you remain happy and that all the world’s happiness belong to you. Thum Salamat Raho, Haan, Salamat Raho, Thum Salamat Raho, Yeh Hai Meri Dua. I only wish that you remain blessed. Thum Salamat Raho, Yeh Hai Meri Dua, Mere Damand Mein Hai Bhi Kya, What else is left in my life? Mere Damand Mein Hai Bhi Kya, Dua Ke Siva?Thum Salamat Raho, Yeh Hai Meri Dua. Thum Salamat Raho, Yeh Hai Meri Dua.  Sholay Armaanon Ke Machalte Hai,  Life’s difficulties are mingled with desire, Hum Shama Ki Tharah Pighalte Hai, We are drawn to burn as candles, Sholay Armaanon Ke Machalte Hai, Hum Shama Ki Tarah Pighalte Hai.  Thumhari Bazm Mein Jalte Hai Chiraag. In your promises burn life’s journey.  Jalte Hai Chiraag…Meri Aankhon Mein Khwab Jalte Hai. And my eyes are alight with a dream. Sholay Armaanon Ke Machalte Hai. Dekhti Hoon Jidhar, Ho Tum Hi Tum Udhar, Wherever I look, I see your face. Dekhti Hoon Jidhar, Ho Tum Hi Tum Udhar. Kuch Nazar Aaye Na Ab Tumhare Siva, And I no longer see without you by me. Thum Salamat Raho, Yeh Hai Meri Dua. I hope and pray that you remain blessed. Thum Salamat Raho, Yeh Hai Meri Dua. Ab Baharon Ki Zaroorat Kya Hai. What need is there for fanciful deeds? In Nazaraon Ki Zaroorat Kya Hai, What need is there for wistful eyes. Ab Baharon Ki Zaroorat Kya Hai, In Nazaraon Ki Zaroorat Kya Hai, In Nigahon Ka Karam Khafi Hai. These eyes are truth enough, Khafi Hai…..Ab Saharon Ki Zaroorat Kya Hai, What need is there now for help? Ab Baharon Ki Zaroorat Kya Hai, Noor Se Hai Tumhare Ujale Yahan, Peerless, your flame burns brightly. Noor Se Hai Thumhare Ujale Yahan, Chand Suraj Ki Hum Ko Zaroorat Hai Kya, What need is there now for the Sun and Moon. Thum Salamat Raho, Yeh Hai Meri Dua, when we are so blessed in your presence. Thum Salamat Raho, Yeh Hai Meri Dua,  Aaj Ka Jashn, Aaj Ki Ghadi Mubarak Ho. Today’s light and the time should be blessed. Yeh Sama, Yeh Ghumar, Yeh Khushi Mubarak Ho. This necter, this longing may be filled with happiness. Hai Tamaana Humari, Hai Yeh Chahat Humari, This is my hope, and this is my demand. Ke Zamaane Ki Saari Naimatain Ho Thumhari, So that all of the world treasures belong to you. Kash Pahunche Falak Pe Yeh Sadayein Humari, That you should so triumph is our long lasting wish. Ke Humari Bhi Umar Thumhein Lag Jaaye Saari. That our ages be linked to your fate. Ohhhhh Ahhhhh. Hai Tumhari Hansi Par Qurbaan Sab. So that your laugh is the cause of the mercy of all. Hai Tumhari Hansi Par Qurbaan Sab, Mera Dil Bhi, Meri Jaan Bhi, Dilruba. My heart and my life are yours for your delight. Thum Salamat Raho, Yeh Hai Meri Dua. Remain blessed hero that you are. Mere Damand Mein Hai Bhi Kya, Tum Salamat Raho, Tum Salamat Raho, Tum Salamat Raho, Yeh Hai Meri Dua.