I have seen you from afar…vocalist, Hemantha Mukherjee. A devotional not song about coming home to riches or great belief.

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Aami dhur hothae tomarai dhekhechi, I have seen you from afar aar mughdhoyae chokhae chayae thekechi and gloried in you. Baajae kinkini rini jhini thomarae jae chini chini, the bells sounding allow for your recognition, monae monae kotho chobi aaekechi, and I joyfully painted pictures of you in my heart. Chilo bhaabae bhora dhuti aakhi chonchol, when my eyes brightenedwith deep thought, thumi bathashae urale bhiru onchol, you scattered this world far and wide, koyi rupaer madhuri mor shonchayae rekhechi, and thus, I have to hide you within my soul. Kosthuri mridhotho megh the perfumed filled road foretell an enlightened law, jaano kosthuri, those perfumed waves aapon ghondho dhaelae aeyi hridoyae chuuae gaele, and after fulfilling our hearts with its fragrance, you left.  Shemayarae aaponarae dekechi, thus, it is in stealth that I hide from your face. Koi kopolae dhekhechi laal podhho, therefore it is with you have I found my rosy future, jaano dhol maelae phutae jayae shothho, because in droves the truth beckons all around me. Maelae aamar, in such a mix, bhromor gunjonae thomarae dhekaechi I see you as the future again ….

Amaro porano jaha chai, You are my world. RabindraSangeet, songs of Poet, Philosopher Rabindranath Tagore. Vocalist, Rezwana Choudhury Bannya.

Amaro porano jaha chay, Thumi thai, thumi thai go, You are all my heart desired.  Amaro porano jaha chay, Thuma chara ar e jogothae, Mor keho nai kichu nai go Without you there is no one and nothing else for me in this world, Thumi shukho jodhi nahi pao  Jao shukhero shondhane jao, If you do not meet happiness,  go in search of it. Ami thomarae peyechhi hridhoyo majhe, I have you in my heart. Aro kichu nahi chai go, and need nothing else. Aami thomaro birohe rohibo bilino, I will wait for you. Thomathae koribo baash. I will praise your name,  Dirgho dibosho dirgho rojoni  Dirgho borosho maash. In the depths of mornings and nights I will say your name throughout the long months. Jodhi aaro kare bhalo basho, Jodhi aaro firae nahi aasho  Jodhi aaro kare bhalo basho Jodhi aaro firae nahi asho, if you choose to love someone else and never return, Thobae thumi jaha chao thai jano pao, then I will pray that whatever you seek you will obtain,  Aami jhotho dukho pai go I will suffer the consequences of your leaving willingly.

Anondholoke, The ones who bring joy. Lyrics, Rabindranath Tagore, Vocalist, Rezwana Chowdhury.

Anondho loke, mongola loke birajo shotho shundoro. In the abode of joy and benevolence lies truth. Mohima thobo udbhashitho moha ggono majhe, Your glory shines across the vast sky. Bissho jogtho moni bhushono besthito Chorone. The universe ornaments your feet.  Koriche pan, koriche snan, kkhyo kirne. Stars and planets, moon and sun exclaim ecstatically, dhron pr jhre nirjhr, mohon modhu shobha, To drink from in order to wash oneself with the pouring grace, phul pollbo githo gondho shundoro brne. Beauty enchants, receiving You with songs, offering aromatic greeting. Bhe jibn rjonidin chiro nuthon dhara, Life flows night and day, ever renewing.  Koruna thobo bishram jonme morone. Buoyed by your tireless blessings. Sneho prem dhoya bhokthi komol kre pran kto santn kro brshn sntap hrne. Hearts soften in affection, love, mercy and devotion. Jogothe thobo ki mhotsbh, bndn kre bisso. Wiping away distress, showering sympathy, shri smpd bhumaspdho nirbhoy shrone. In a grand festivity the world greets Thee, in fullness, deep adoration and complete submission.

Sajani sajani, Sajani Sajani Radhika, vocalist, Kanika Banerjee. Ranbrindasangeet. Music and lyrics of Poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Sajani sajani radhika lo,dekha abahoo chahiya, See how Radha, Krishna’s bride is greeted!! Mridulagamana shyam aaoamridul gaan gahiya || With delicate steps and song, she paves the way for her Lord, Krishna to stay with her. Pinaha jhatita kusumahar,pinaha neel aangiya. What is covered in a blue veil is the face of the Lord.  This veil is the undoing of the world which must submit to his authority. Sundari sindoor deke seethi karaha rangiya || Thus, brides cover your head with the red color of sindoor (a powder.)  Sahachari sab nach nach milangeet gaao re, Radha is accompanied by her companions to delight Krishna with dance. Chanchal manjeerarabkunjagagana  chaao re | Spread a loud call with anklets so that those who were unaware, might become aware and make haste to invite Krishna in their company.  Sajani, abo ujaar madir kanakdeep jwaliya , Friend, receive Krishna who comes in lamp of glory for the peace prize. Surabhi karaha kunjabhabangandhasalil dhaliya || He will reveal the forest of dishonesty in humans.  Mallika chameli beli kusum tulaha balika |Thus, pick the chameli blossoms to ward off evil. Gaantha joothi, gaantha. The evil which also yearns to sing in His presence will then be stifled. Jati,gaantha bakulamlaika; Weave flowers such as the bakul, to reveal Trishitanayana the one with eyes which can pierce humanity.  Bhanusinghakunjap. The story of Poet Tagore goes as this.  Athame chahiya -Mridulagamana shyama retrieve your fallen soul from the Ruler by praise and adoration. aaoyemridula gaana gahiya || Sing prayers to invite Lord Krishna the divine deliverer from sin.

Boro Aasha Kore Eschechi, I have come to YOU with great hope. Poet, Rabindranath Tagore, Vocalist, Debobroto Biswas.

https://youtu.be/fEwrm5ukGzIBoro asha kore esechhi go kachhe deke nao, I have come to you with such hope, Phirayo na janani mother-land, ||Don’t turn me away again. Dinohine keha chahe na tumi tare rakhibe jani go. Those that are not wanted either day or night, you have brought to YOU. Aar ami je kichhu chahine charanatale boshe thakibo. And I do not want anything other than the opportunity to sit beneath your feet. Aar ami je kichhu chahine Janani bole shudhu dakibo. And I do not require anything else because this will be my home. Thumi na rakhile griho arpaibo kotha, kende kende kotha berabo-If YOU do not keep me, where will I find another?  I will be lost in the wilderness, crying for a home. Oi je heri thomosho ghonoghora gohono rojoni, I see the night that has yet to break free from darkness.

Chaand heriche, chaand mukho tar, shoroshi aar shithe, Nazrul Geeti, Vocalist, Anup Ghosal.

Chaand heriche chaand mukho taar, shoroshir aarsheethe, The one who is enveloped by the moon is also its face from the frozen lake’s reflected glory. Chute thorongo bashona bhongo, the waves of the clouds around her pour into every home.  Shae ongo poroshithe, such is her power. Heriche rojoni rojoni jaagiya, the light that envelopes all beings has come alive. Chokoro uthola chaandero laagiya, clinging onto her, kaha piyu kaahaan dakiche papiya who will search for folorn love birds? Kumudire kaadaite, as they are at the river’s edge weeping. Na jaani shojoni kotho shae rojoni, who knows how much light will be required to quench the wailing of forgotten love.  Kedheche chokori paapiya, as even the beloved has been made into a slave.  Heriche shoshire shoroshi mukure, Come out into daylight, dhiru chaya thoru kaapiya, so that sun’s shadows tremble. Kedheche akashe chaandero bhoroni, as the skies cry out for you.  Chiro birohini rohini boroni, who will remain a radiant bride, obosho akasho dhibosho dhoroni, surely those who pray for her return wait patiently for the fullness of the moon.

Megh Jome Aache Mono Kone. The clouds have settled in the distance of my heart. Vocalist, Ustad Rashid Khan.


Megh jome aache mono kone,  the clouds have settled in the distance of hearts thumi aelena bole yet when you did not arrive brishti o podeni bishado haashe anmone…the rains never came and with it the laughter of shadows. Ami boshe bhabi jonakir shaathe thara jole maaj raate  I think along with the fireflies about the stars that light the night sky. Srithi gulo aashe shorother kashe elo melo nishashe tumi aelena bole brishti o podeni bishado haashe anmone. The confused memories come with the season of winter…thara jano aashe proti majrate ochena laage mukh guno Though the stars every single night appear unknown, the asleep awaken understanding death and the dangers of life. Ghum benghe uthe mrityo ke bhuje eyi jibon thomkano tumi aelena bole brishti o podeni bishado haashe anmone… tumi aelena bole brishti o podeni… , .  , . we hear the laughter of shadows when without you the rains will never fall.

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Amar ghum bhaangano chand. The silent moon that disturbs my sleep. Songs of Bangla (Bengal) Composer Atulprasad Sen. 1932.


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Amar ghum bhangano chand, amar mon bhangano chand, tumi jaao go shore, bataonye amar pane cheyona amonokore,ghum bhangano chand bidhu tumi badhu rupe aele ghare chupe chupe noyone korle porosh, hirano kone, amar ghum bhangano chand, koyona purano kotha, diyona purano betha enona purano pradip aandharo ghore, jani ogo sharbanashi janie tobo mohonhashi, jani tobo sharbanashi.. jani tobo bhalo basha dudino tole, amar ghum bhangano chand, amar mon bhangano chand tumi jao go shore, batayone amar pane cheyona amono koro, ghum bhangano chand. The moon that disrupts my sleeping, the moon that breaks my heart, go away please. From afar do not look down upon me. The moon that disrupted my sleep she insultingly comes to me in the guise of a bride silently and secretively. Of my eyes you took control and asserted it’s strength from far away. Do not tell me old stories, do not give me old suffering, do not give me an old lantern for my home. I know ruination, the criminal. I know the grace of God. I also know of a loving tomorrow that is me. My moonlight that breaks even the earth’s boundaries.