I have seen you from afar…vocalist, Hemantha Mukherjee. A devotional not song about coming home to riches or great belief.

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Aami dhur hothae tomarai dhekhechi, I have seen you from afar aar mughdhoyae chokhae chayae thekechi and gloried in you. Baajae kinkini rini jhini thomarae jae chini chini, the bells sounding allow for your recognition, monae monae kotho chobi aaekechi, and I joyfully painted pictures of you in my heart. Chilo bhaabae bhora dhuti aakhi chonchol, when my eyes brightenedwith deep thought, thumi bathashae urale bhiru onchol, you scattered this world far and wide, koyi rupaer madhuri mor shonchayae rekhechi, and thus, I have to hide you within my soul. Kosthuri mridhotho megh the perfumed filled road foretell an enlightened law, jaano kosthuri, those perfumed waves aapon ghondho dhaelae aeyi hridoyae chuuae gaele, and after fulfilling our hearts with its fragrance, you left.  Shemayarae aaponarae dekechi, thus, it is in stealth that I hide from your face. Koi kopolae dhekhechi laal podhho, therefore it is with you have I found my rosy future, jaano dhol maelae phutae jayae shothho, because in droves the truth beckons all around me. Maelae aamar, in such a mix, bhromor gunjonae thomarae dhekaechi I see you as the future again ….

Himero rater oii gaganer deep gulire. In frost bitten nights, the lamps (stars) of the sky illumine the earth. Rabindranath Tagore. Hymn by Lopamudra Mitra.

Himero rater Oi gaganer deep gulire hemontika korlo gopon anchol ghire ghire, ghare ghare dak pathalo – dipalikae jalao alo jalao alo apon alo, sajao aloe dhoritrire, himero rate…shunno aykhon phuler bagan, doel, kokil gahe na gan, kash jhore jhore jae nodir tire. (2)jak bosad bishad kalo, dipalikae jalao alo,jalao alo, apon alo, shunao alor joy banire, himero rate…debotara aj ache Cheye jago dhorar chele meye aloe jagao jaminire, aalo jaaga elo andhar din phuralo, dipalikae jalao alo jalao alo, apon alo, joy kajole ro khamosei tamosire. On this frosty night, those sky lamps hemantika (season of the Fall)  enveloped in her skirt hem inviting all to light up in dipalika. (The light festival, also known as diwali. This is when Lord Rama returned to his kingdom having rid the world of the evil.)  Oh light up, in your own glow deck the world in light. The garden is void of flowers, doyel and kokil (birds of dawn) aren’t singing kash (bush) has been shedding on the river bank. Let go the bleak depression, light up in dipalika.(Diwali) Oh light up, in your own glow sing the victory of light. Gods await. Awake the children of earth. Wake the night up by light. The time for darkness is over, light up in dipalika (victory over the devil.) Oh light up, in your own glow, win over the gloom. http://pages.intnet.mu/ghosh/poems/poems/himerora.htm