Nijhumo shondhaae pantho paakhira. When tranquil evenings meet hungry birds. Song by Rabindranath Tagore, vocalist, Hemontho Mukherjee.

Nijhumo shondaae pantho paakhira bujhiba poth bhule jaae, Lorsque soirées tranquilles rassemblent oiseaux affamés ils veulent oublier leur voyage avant, When tranquil evenings gather hungry birds they want to forget their journey ahead, kulaaye jethe jethe ki jano kakoli amare diye jhete chaae, luttant il semble que leur chanson veut offrir quelque chose de différent struggling it seems as if their song wants to provide something different. Dhur pahaare udaash meghero deshe oi godhuli rongin shohaago meshe, Au-delà de lointaines montagnes , dans le pays des nuages crépuscule attire différentes teintes, Beyond far mountains, in the land of clouds, dusk beckons different hues. Bonero mormore bathaash chupi chupi ki baashi fhele raakhe haae dans le milieu des forêts chuchotant vents secrets oublient leurs chansons. Hélas. In the midst of whispering forests secret winds forget the song. Alas. Kon oporup aorup rupero raag e shur hoye roy amar gaanero aage, leurs chansons harmoniser afin qu’ils deviennent les nôtres.  What beauty gathers songs to harmonize so that they become ours? Shopono kothakoli fhote ki fhotenaa shurobhi thobu aakhi chaaae. Il n’a plus d’importance si rêves ou non, car leur aspiration toujours désir vrai. It no longer matters if dreams come true or not because their fragrance will always make yearning true.



Aalo Chaya Dola. The mixing of light and shadow. Vocalist Sachin Dev Burman.

aalo chaya dola, utola phagune, bono bina baajere potho chari hoyee choloe je kakoli jagi modhu laagi alo dola.. mridu phulo baashe somiro nishashae , ojaana abesho phire te aashe aaji ki amare, aalo chaya…dole lota beni, shaaje bono pori baandhe phulo raakhi bujhi more shori, chaari diki taro daake onibaro esho shubho dole aaj ki kamoni rohi onotari aalo chaya dola utola phaguna bono bina baaje. The mixing of light and shadows revealed a turbulent spring when within me a song emerged. I have become lost in the road with only the spring to guide me. Awakened I found myself amongst nectar. In the company of flowers, breathless night speaks a nuanced message beckoning return. Does it matter if it is today? Look at the combination of leaves and flowers with which the nymphs of the forest adorn themselves. They tie the bond of flowers and understanding I remove myself from them. Everywhere there is a cry for HIM,  Beloved come make spring auspicious.  Bereft, within me a song emerged.jerusalem1


Modhu brindhabone Dhole Radha: Radha beloved of Lord Krishna found in the land of nectars, Brindhabon. Sachin Dev Burman vocalist.

Radha is seen with Lord Krishna in the enchanted land of nectars, Brindavan.

Radha is seen with Lord Krishna in the enchanted land of nectars, Brindavan.

Venus rising. Boticelli.

Venus rising. Botticelli.

Music of  Sachin Dev Burman. Modhubrindabone.

Dole Radha, modhu brindhabone dhole Radha, Krishno chale dole dole Radha, rangiya ranga phage, dhuliche onurage, thonu theche horo laage mondhino pobone modhu brindhabone dhole Radha. Beloved Radha is seen swaying in the enchanted forest, Brindavan. In search for Lord Krishna she paints a bright portrait of her delight in his Love. Enchanted she will give her soul.

Baila Maria. Mary Dances.

Baila Maria. Mary Dances.