Songs for the Divinity. La ilaha illallah, Zikr. Remembrance of the stolen of Our Lady Notre Dame, Cathedral, Paris, France, 2019.

Olesya Dmitrakova, Ballerina’s preparation for a night out in Moscow, Russia. The Dreamer, Kremlin Ballet not.

(9) The Dreamer / How ballerina is preparing for premiere –Kremlin Ballet / Olesya Dmitrakova – YouTube

Kangana Ranaut, Queen of Jhansi movie, “Manikarnika.” Song Vijayi Bhava, always victorious not.

Dances of Olga Meos at the Tribal Festival in Belarus 2017; “The Ottoman Empire.” Alina Zagitova. Olympic gold medalist ice-skating free style performance. The Winter games of PyeongChang, 2018.

Yerushalayim reconsidered or the Lazarus effect. Rising from the human race no more.

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God And His Righteousness and all the rest will be added on to you, Aleluia, Aleluia.

Children are the symbol of peace and justice kissing. When property’s truth can be the nature of value, revolt. MK Gandhi in Canning Hall, England.


Jerusalem of Gold. Yerushalayim Shel Zahav. When truth and law coincide in one golden moment in our past.


Neo-liberalism is a species of fascism.

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Alternatively, go to any politician’s website in the MODERN world.

Providence or Fate? Buena Vista Social Club. “Candela.” Musica Cubana. November 27, 2016 when history was made.

 Candela, Candela, Candela me quemo ae, Ay Candela, Candela, Candela me quemo ae, Ay Candela, Candela, Candela me quemo ae, Ay Candela, Candela, Candela me quemo ae, Puso un baile una jutía, para una gran diversion, de timbalero un ratón que alegraba el campo un día, Un gato también venía elegante y placentero, buenas noches compañero siempre fijo hacia el timbal, para ahi el tipo de tocar para descansar un poco, salió el ratón medio loco, también voy a descansar, y el gato en su buen bailar, bailaba un danzón liviano, el ratón se sube a guano y dice bien placentero, Y ahora si quieren bailar busquen otro timbalero, Oh fire, fire, fire I’m burning oh, Oh fire, fire, fire I’m burning oh, Oh fire, fire, fire I’m burning oh, Oh fire, fire, fire I’m burning oh, A rodent made a dance, for some great fun a kettle drummer rat who brought joy to the field one day, A cat also came, elegant and pleasant, Good night companion, always fixed on the kettle drum, there the type of playing, in order to rest a little, the rat came out half crazy, I’m also going to rest, and the cat in his good dancing, danced a light dance*the rat climbs a palm tree and says very pleasant,  And now if they want to dance they look for another drummer.


The Law of Nature and God the Creator.

Natural law refers to the use of reason to analyze both social and personal human nature to deduce binding rules of moral behavior. The law of nature, as it is determined by nature, is universal.