New Directions? Maybe. Tom Ford’s Spring Summer 2018 fashion show, s/s18

Parenting class, in war and peace. Andrea Bocelli – Romanza. (English lyrics translation



Lyrics of bissho kobi, universal poet, Rabindranath Tagore. Iman Chakravorty’s Bengali song. Jhoro Jhoro Borishae Bari Dhara, the rain falls with splendor and abandon.

Jhoro jhoro borishae bari dhara hai potho bashi, hai gothi hinu, The rainfall will only last until it reaches the shores. Hai gothi hinu hai griho hara. What are those who depend on the starry heaven to guide their journey to do now? Phirae bayu, they cry, swiftly return black clouds that carry rain. Shorae phirae bayu, let thunder, lightning and rain sing with one voice again. Dakea karae, who are they in unison calling for? Jononino ashimo pranthorae, they plead for those whose shores are at the end of the world. Rojoni adhara and lightning lost, hai potho bashi hai gothi hinu hai griho hara adhira jomuna thorongo akula bokularae, the restless river Jamuna’s strong waters, thimiro dhokula shogonaei rae dhokularae, Unfortunately only the timid afraid that they will be forgotten, nibiro nirodho gogonae, look up at the empty skies, goro goro goro gorojae, and hear only the thunder that carry no songs of the rain falling. Choncholo chapula chamokae, the restless lightning nahi shoshi thara, do not have an answer, What are they who carry misfortune going to do now? Hai griho hara, having lost their way, what are the ones for whom the starry heavens carry no rain fall only empty clouds.

Krauthammer on Hillary: She’s On Her “Marie Antoinette” Tour, It’s Theater; “I Almost Feel Sorry For Her.” Cleognal, “Unfair Reputation.”



Well, chump do not feel sorry for the imperialistic, roman, dictatorial PIG. The best way to get rid of Hillary Clinton is the way the French Revolution got rid of Marie Antoinette, with a twist. Marie Antoinette got her head chopped off. We the chumps of the Roman Republic courtesy demand that the fictional reality that the Clintonocrats have so carefully created be dumped. It is filled with hypocrisy, bad judgement, immoral conduct and blah, blah blah, as my niece’s neighborhood 6 years old friend suggested. It is time that people see through her and send her and her spouse off to a looney bin if not a genuine penitentiary.  Hilarious comparisons to Marie Antoinette. Not really.







Non-violence is a law of the creed our 1st among equals. The Nation of Islam not.