Yerushalayim Shel Zahav. Prayers for Jerusalem of Gold. Adoramus Te, We Adore You, Vivificamus Te, We Praise Your life, We Sanctificamus Te, We Pray for Your Holiness in Souls. Shaday, one name of God, for Israeli singer Ofra Haza.

Jerusalem of Gold. Majesty welcomed by the violin, lute, and songs.yerushalayimyerushalayimshelzahavofrahaza

Dignity of law and the beginnings of democratic moral law. A unthinkable construct till today. Hillary Clinton for President. NOT.

Monarchies are not bought by democracy. Power to sovereign people.  It is the only way to get around this evil.animaltrainingnatureofvalue





Check out her deliberation on labor, Private camp (at home through the search for truth) and Public camp through nonviolent civil resistance .

MK Gandhi on why anyone should never obey another. God’s progress for everybody.


In case the conundrum is not self-explanatory. Animals NEVER obey each other. Do they? Please leave a comment if other facts become known regarding the nature of animal behavior.

God’s praise is the foundation of our moral liberty. Find it where passion led you there.



Obedience is the law of our being, the only American revolt.


Disobey human beings. Civil disobedience is a marker of human consciousness.

Disobedience to political authority is necessary when the rule of law is replaced by the law of rule.

MK Gandhi out from his time in prison.


Disobedience to the human race is the only way forward to restore the resplendence of truth in our daily lives.


The story of Saul and MK Gandhi. Why there is rescue for wrongdoing.

Acts 9:1-19 – Saul’s Conversion – Meanwhile, Saul – Bible Gateway

Vox Populi Vox Dei, (Latin.) The Voice of the People is the Voice of God. Terra Firma or on solid ground.

Vox Populi Vox Dei
This does not mean that the voice of the many is wise and good, but only that it is irresistible. You might as well try to stop the tide of the Atlantic as to resist the vox populi. As God’s laws cannot be withstood, neither can the popular will. After Edward II. had been dethroned by the people in favour of his son (Edward III.), Simon Mepham, Archbishop of Canterbury, preached from these words as his text.

People are the Sovereign