Why Worship Here? Because God does.

Rabbinic Jerusalem

Rabbinic Jerusalem

Rabbinic adorations

Rabbinic adorations

Rabbis at Worship

Rabbis in Prayer at the Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel.

Rabbinicclothing18th century-not

Rabbinic clothing 18th                century not.



Satyagraha. The pyre of a Satyagrahi’s assassination, MK Gandhi’s funeral in1948.


God’s covenant is an act of the unconditional privilege of his chosen people.

A covenant is when two individuals or groups, differing but acknowledging integrity and sovereignty pledge to achieve together what neither can achieve alone. Covenant is used to create a bond of trust to reveal human beings’ true identities as children of God through the word honored in mutuality.

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Afghan Jalebi, the Pride of Afghanistan. 2017. Bollywood style.

Afghan jalebi, Makhtool jigar (ya baba), The pride of Afghanistan with whom I am love struck, qaatil hai nazar (ya baba) smitten by your eyes Ik mahajabi, a great beauty, ek noor nabi, without compare, rabb ki rubaai, God’s faithful ya hai tabaahi, to discover it is challenge, gardan surahi, the human, a work of instruments, boli ilaahi, a claim that was made from the beginning. Afghan jalebi, the pride of Afghanistan, mashooq farebi, hidden ghayal hai tera deewana, life that is remade, bhai wah, bhai wah, longing never ending, bandook dikha ke, show your rage, kya pyar karegi, otherwise what will you have to love with? Chehra bhi kabhi dikhana, show your face sometime, bhai wah bhai wah bhai wah, o wow, o wow, Afghan jalebi mashooq farebi ghayal hai tera deewana bhai wah, bhai wah, O dekh darazi, Look at me, banda namaz (wallah), ready to reveal, khel ke baazi (wallah), a game of players khamkha empty longings, ab thehra na kissi, kaam ka, that will lead to despair, (wallah) (God’s promise.) Meer ka koi,  sher suna ke, talk of riches, ghunth lagga ke, drunk with your love (wallah) jaam ka, mera khan mehaz naam ka, found names intertwined Oye lakht-e-jigar (ya baba), my heart Oye noor-e-nazar, is a song without compare (ya baba), ek teer hai tu, you are an arrow (ya baba) main chaak jigar, in whose grasp I am forever bound, (ya baba), bando se nahi toh, allah se daregi, those that disobey will pay God.  Waada to kabhi nibhana, bhai wah, fulfill your vows this time. Khwaja ji ki paas teri chugli karunga, I am prepared to complain to God if you fail, main teri, chugli, karunga, main teri chugli karunga, anguthi mein quaid teri ungli karunga, main teri chugli karunga, main teri chugli karunga, Anguthi mein quaid teri ungli karunga main teri chugli karunga, until you obey gul-e-gulzar (ya baba) an awakened song mere saradar (ya baba), my ruler, bade mansoor (ya baba), your laws are better, tere rukhsaar (ya baba), haye shamsheer nigaahein, whose works are like a hunter’s chabook si adaayein, nacheez pe na chalana, use wisely, bhai wah, bhai wah, o wow, o wow.

On human destiny. Do human beings deserve anything? No.



Destiny is but a phrase of the weak human heart-the dark apology for every error. The strong and virtuous admit no destiny. (They recognize that they are simply a tool for the creator to fulfill his plans.) On earth conscience guides; in heaven God watches. And destiny is but the phantom we invoke to silence the one and dethrone the other.

Reem Acra Spring Bridal Runway Show, New York. 2017

Words spoken at the historic women’s march in Washington DC, Jan 21, 2017.

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