Hindvi sort of (Hindi and Urdu): Aoge Jabb Thum O Sajna. Return to me O Jerusalem. Your daughters pleaded for it.

What chang’d its order or what did retire since all would be of the fame nature, Fire. Lucretius.

Aoge jab thum o saajna angna phul khilenge barsega saban, barsega saban, jhuum jhuum ke dho dhil aise mileyenge, aaoge.. angna phul khilenge, naina tere kajra re hain naino pe hum dil hare hain, anjane hi tere naino ne vade kiye gaye sare hain, sason ki raine, mathlub chale, those kahe barsega saban jhoom jhoom ke do dil aise mileyenge angna phul khilenge, angna phul khilenge.  When you come to me Beloved, there blossoms will flourish. The rain will fall with happiness as our two souls meet. Your eyes are beautiful and I am lost in them. Without knowing I have promised the world to your gaze. In the season of breathless wonder, all evil is driven away, I tell you this Beloved, the rain will fall in glory and splendor. And when our souls meet flowers will blossom yet anew.שאתה בא אליי אהוב, יש פריחת תפרח.הגשם ייפול עם אושר כשתי הנשמות שלנו נפגשות. העיניים שלך יפות כמו כחל חשוך, ואני אבוד בהם. בלי לדעת שהבטחתי העולם למבט שלך. בעונת פלא חסר נשימה, כל הרע הוא מונע משם, אני אומר לך את זה אהוב, הגשם ייפול בהוד והדר.וכאשר הנשמות שלנו עומדות בפרחים יפרחו עדיין מחדשعندما تأتي لي أيها الأحباء، سوف تزدهر هناك أزهار. سوف يسقط المطر مع السعادة كما يلتقي لدينا اثنين من النفوس. عينيك هي جميلة مثل الزهور، وأنا فقدت فيها. دون معرفة لقد وعدت العالم لبصرك. في موسم عجب لاهث، هو الدافع وراء كل شر بعيدا، وأنا أقول لك هذا أيها الأحباء، فإن المطر تقع في المجد والعظمة. وعندما يجتمع نفوسنا سوف الزهور تزهر بعد جديد.

Politicization of sins. Satyagraha and the conquest of law.










Conquest versus destiny. Architects of freedom or madness.

What we are experiencing today are turbulent times. Unrelenting attacks on average people as in 2016 attacks in Paris, France and other nations have now become common. To settle power struggles between nations, freedom has lost out. This is because freedom has become an exercise of conquest.  This freedom obeys the “will to power” as the philosopher Nietzsche famously claimed.  Freedom in such a manifestation will only allow success of political and economic objectives. What is needed instead is a separate manifesto.  A manifesto that allows freedom to be based on human destiny.  To safeguard this manifesto requires a shift in principles.  Freedom must follow laws and their counterparts, morals and morality.  Their brilliant lights must be our guides. A world that is governed by moral laws alongside human character that is based on non-violent principles is a world that is happy, prosperous and safe.  It has been the effort of conscientious people in history to bring about necessary radical changes. MK Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mandela and scores of others whose names are not known but have shed blood will help chart the way forward. Utilizing the acumen of history, it is once again possible to build a world based on morality and its subsequent blessings, chief of them being freedom.