What did Shakespeare and Lucretious have in common? A cardinal on the nature of things of course.

Lucretious, Book 1orderofhings

What chang’d its Order, or what did retire,Since all would be of the fame nature, Fire. But this is my opinion:–Some seeds exist, from the whole Site, Figure, Size, Confusion, Order, Motion, Flames arise; And when the Order’s chang’d, the parts of Fire Their nature lose, and silently expire; The disunited Bodies flie from then, Not Flame, nor any object’s of the Sense. But now to think as Heraclitus tells, That All that is, is Fire, and nothing else, Tis fond and certainty of Sense o’rethrows, From which alone that Flame exists he knows: In this he credit gives, but fears t’afford. cardinalshakespeare

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