Mandatory Letter of the Archbishop of Baltimore for the deliverance of the Pope. from the Orthodox Journal and Catholic Monthly Intelligencer. Observance of moral laws and the practice of faith.

Orthodoxy and the Catholic Church. Will the Church require a Synod today? 

“I have prayed for you, and when you shall be converted, have a care to confirm your brethren.” (Luke xxii.) The eternal Wisdom, for reasons impenetrable to human understanding, and perhaps to display his divine goodness, gave the wicked power to accomplish these sacrilegious designs. Fanaticism, ever void of reason and Infidelity, under the mask of reason and philosophy, vainly boasted that free from the slavery of laws, and released from the yoke of religion, they would deliver mankind from the terrors of a pretended revelation, dissipate the darkness of prejudice and of antiquated errors, expose to the contempt of all men all those foolish illusions and (for this is also what they dared to express) to discover the idolatory in the doctrine and worship of the church of Rome. It was natural that they should be favored, in their criminal enterprises, by the passions of those who wished to abandon themselves with impunity, and without remorse. It must be said, that the civil authorities was joined with the infidels. That of the Church, which only operates on the conscience, no longer inspired fear for the voice of conscience was not heard. Every facility was rendered to ensure the success of irreligion and to place the most favorable light the pretended advantages of a superiority to sense, learning, talent and reason. They mutilated and altered the monuments of past ages, they falsified history, sacred and profane, to revile the church of God and to belie the life and sacred character of the vicar of Jesus Christ; they tortured the sacred books to find in them contradictions and absurdities, that they might render an object of contempt and degradation, the one and only, the uniform and uninterrupted testimony in favor of their divine authority, has established an incontestable right to our most high veneration.

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