The Right to Liberty according to the Constitution of the United States. Liberty literally means freedom.

rousseauYour constitutional liberty to freedom allows you to live your life free of government control. Of course, you have to pay taxes and obey laws. But the government can’t force you to take certain actions against your will, in the interest of society at large. It can’t tell you that you must vote a certain way. You have the right to make up your own mind about issues, including those that affect the whole country, not just yourself. “Behind the legal sovereign that the lawyer recognizes, there is another sovereign to whom the legal sovereign must bow. ” (Dicey.) This is the political sovereign. In democracies, the legal sovereign receives its authority from the electorate, whatever be the basis of the right of vote, and is answerable to it for the exercise of its powers. Legal sovereign is subject to be changed by the mandate of the electorate at regular intervals. Even during the term of Parliament, in the cabinet system of government, legislature may be dissolved and fresh mandate from the electorate sought. The legislature makes laws on the basis of the policy approved by the electorate.  So we may say that the electorate is political sovereign.



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