Satyagraha and civilizational values. Amra Nuthon Juboneri dhuth. We are the ambassadors of a new world. Lyrics of Poet Rabindranath Tagore. Vocalist, Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta.

Aamra nuthon juboneri dhuuth, We are the new days beginnings, āmarā cañcala, āmarā odhbhuth. We are vibrant and amazing, Āmarā bēṛā bhāṅi, we can overcome all obstacles, āmarā aśōkabanēra we are the emperor’s courtiers rāṅā nēśāẏa rāṅi, that make him proud; making quietened storms his consort. Jhañjhāra bandhana chinna, We effortlessly dispose shackles karē di’i with the help of and for the help of others. Aamarā bidyuṯh. We are lightning, Āamarā kori bhul, that brings to life wrongdoers. Agādha jalē jhām̐pa diẏē, In deep water, we jump in head first, yujhiẏē pā’i kūla to search out new and old horizons. Yēkhānē ḍāka paṛē. Ready to serve wherever and whenever we are called to do so jibon moronn jhodhe.  In cases of life and death aamra prosthuth, we will serve forevermore.

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