Amaro porano jaha chai, You are my world. RabindraSangeet, songs of Poet, Philosopher Rabindranath Tagore. Vocalist, Rezwana Choudhury Bannya.

Amaro porano jaha chay, Thumi thai, thumi thai go, You are all my heart desired.  Amaro porano jaha chay, Thuma chara ar e jogothae, Mor keho nai kichu nai go Without you there is no one and nothing else for me in this world, Thumi shukho jodhi nahi pao  Jao shukhero shondhane jao, If you do not meet happiness,  go in search of it. Ami thomarae peyechhi hridhoyo majhe, I have you in my heart. Aro kichu nahi chai go, and need nothing else. Aami thomaro birohe rohibo bilino, I will wait for you. Thomathae koribo baash. I will praise your name,  Dirgho dibosho dirgho rojoni  Dirgho borosho maash. In the depths of mornings and nights I will say your name throughout the long months. Jodhi aaro kare bhalo basho, Jodhi aaro firae nahi aasho  Jodhi aaro kare bhalo basho Jodhi aaro firae nahi asho, if you choose to love someone else and never return, Thobae thumi jaha chao thai jano pao, then I will pray that whatever you seek you will obtain,  Aami jhotho dukho pai go I will suffer the consequences of your leaving willingly.

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