Meet Paris the great city again. In thy Omniscience embrace our world. Miltha Jajyo Guru Gyani. Vocalist, Kishori Amonker.

Paris-SacreCoeur-Montmartre-shutterstock_95372311Le Sacre Coeur, The Sacred Heart.

Miltha jajyo guru gyani, Embrace our world, Omniscient One, hari surat dekhyo lubhani, let the world see your face and rejoice. Mero naam bujhi thum lijo, I plead that you take my name, Main huun biraha deewani, I am a hopeless romantic. Raath diwas kal nahi parat hai, Jaise min bin paani.  Night and day do not pass without prayer my water. Dharas bina mohe kachu na suhave, my sorrows will not leave unless you take my name.  Thalap thalap mar jaani I yearn for no one else and for thee I die every day. Meera tho charnan ki cheri, Your servant, Meera, is the bond of your feet, sun lije sukhdhani hear her and fill our hearts with happiness.

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