Aye muhabbath therae anjam pae rona aaya, love’s decline that will bring only tears. Singer, Begum Akhtar, Tribute.

Aye muhabbath therae anjam pae rona aaya,  Arrive love because your conclusion will bring tears to our eyes. Jaane kyun aaj tere naam pae rona ayaa, I don’t know why your name brings tears.  Yuun tho har shyam ummidho mai guzar jaathi thi, aaj kuch baath hai jo shyam pae rona aaya, Here, evenings’ promises were wasted, and yet what was spoken this evening brought tears.  Kabhi taqdir ka mautham, kabhi duniya ka gila, Sometimes fate’s passing and sometimes the damned world, manzilae ishq mae makes me yearn for your love in my heart, mae har ghaam pae rona aaya, so much that trouble now brings only tears.  Jaab hua zikr zamane mae muhabaath ka shakeel,  When holiness makes the world long for love, mujh ko apne dhile nae naam ka pae rona aaya, I will allow my soul to remember love that brought tears to my eyes.


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