Anondholoke, The ones who bring joy. Lyrics, Rabindranath Tagore, Vocalist, Rezwana Chowdhury.

Anondho loke, mongola loke birajo shotho shundoro. In the abode of joy and benevolence lies truth. Mohima thobo udbhashitho moha ggono majhe, Your glory shines across the vast sky. Bissho jogtho moni bhushono besthito Chorone. The universe ornaments your feet.  Koriche pan, koriche snan, kkhyo kirne. Stars and planets, moon and sun exclaim ecstatically, dhron pr jhre nirjhr, mohon modhu shobha, To drink from in order to wash oneself with the pouring grace, phul pollbo githo gondho shundoro brne. Beauty enchants, receiving You with songs, offering aromatic greeting. Bhe jibn rjonidin chiro nuthon dhara, Life flows night and day, ever renewing.  Koruna thobo bishram jonme morone. Buoyed by your tireless blessings. Sneho prem dhoya bhokthi komol kre pran kto santn kro brshn sntap hrne. Hearts soften in affection, love, mercy and devotion. Jogothe thobo ki mhotsbh, bndn kre bisso. Wiping away distress, showering sympathy, shri smpd bhumaspdho nirbhoy shrone. In a grand festivity the world greets Thee, in fullness, deep adoration and complete submission.

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