Sajani sajani, Sajani Sajani Radhika, vocalist, Kanika Banerjee. Ranbrindasangeet. Music and lyrics of Poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Sajani sajani radhika lo,dekha abahoo chahiya, See how Radha, Krishna’s bride is greeted!! Mridulagamana shyam aaoamridul gaan gahiya || With delicate steps and song, she paves the way for her Lord, Krishna to stay with her. Pinaha jhatita kusumahar,pinaha neel aangiya. What is covered in a blue veil is the face of the Lord.  This veil is the undoing of the world which must submit to his authority. Sundari sindoor deke seethi karaha rangiya || Thus, brides cover your head with the red color of sindoor (a powder.)  Sahachari sab nach nach milangeet gaao re, Radha is accompanied by her companions to delight Krishna with dance. Chanchal manjeerarabkunjagagana  chaao re | Spread a loud call with anklets so that those who were unaware, might become aware and make haste to invite Krishna in their company.  Sajani, abo ujaar madir kanakdeep jwaliya , Friend, receive Krishna who comes in lamp of glory for the peace prize. Surabhi karaha kunjabhabangandhasalil dhaliya || He will reveal the forest of dishonesty in humans.  Mallika chameli beli kusum tulaha balika |Thus, pick the chameli blossoms to ward off evil. Gaantha joothi, gaantha. The evil which also yearns to sing in His presence will then be stifled. Jati,gaantha bakulamlaika; Weave flowers such as the bakul, to reveal Trishitanayana the one with eyes which can pierce humanity.  Bhanusinghakunjap. The story of Poet Tagore goes as this.  Athame chahiya -Mridulagamana shyama retrieve your fallen soul from the Ruler by praise and adoration. aaoyemridula gaana gahiya || Sing prayers to invite Lord Krishna the divine deliverer from sin.

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