Dhil jalane ki baathe. You speak of the soul as if it were on fire. Vocalist, Farida Khanum.

Dhil jalane ki baathe karthe hoe, aashiyanae ke baath karthae hoe, speak of a beautiful home sarae dhuniya ke ranng o ghaam dhaeker, having given all the world’s splendor and sorrow muskareynae baathe karthe hoe, you speak now of those that brought laughter. Humko aapni khabar nahi, yaaro, friends, I have lost sight of myself. Thum zamanae ki baath karthe hoe, and you record these times, zikr mera sunna when you heard of devotion thu chir kae kahan that is continuous eis dhiwanae ke baath karthae hoe,  you speak only of youth zikr mera suna tho chir ke kaha, eis diwanae ki baath karthe ho, dhil behlaney ki baath karthae hoe, you try to make me forget, kiss zamanay ki baath karthae hoe, what else do you speak of ?aashyian… saarae duniya ke ruun jo ghum detho, always prepared for suffering, muskuranae ki baath karthe ho, and you speak of those times in which there was laughter.





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