Vithala Geethi Gaava, Sing God of your glory. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi. Vocalist.

Vithala geethi gawa, sing God to your servant, vithala ubha mahavari devari, so that they become compliant. Anathantha bandhu, our eternal friend  vithala kripa sindhu, without whom sins will never be forgiven. Thodi bhava bandhu make us your friend. Yama pasha, who conquers death thohi sharanam dhatha, provide always praise. Vithala mukthi datha thohi sharanam gatha, the One who gives salvation, offer thanks.  Vithala santha madhave, God is above the saint, glory is his. Vithala ubha mahavari devari God make your servants pleasing. Vithala guna nidhi the One who is above every virtue, vithala sarva dhristi, and who can see all things, lagale samadhi, give salvation. Vithala geethi gawa, vithala vithala. Vithala thae naam dhetha dharae sukhe. God provide happiness. Gundavane mukh sudamane, reject evil and embrace good like child Krishna with the serpent of the ocean.  Vithala geethi gawa, Sing God to your servants who are at your feet.

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