The struggle for moral when governments betray. Songs of Rabindranath Tagore, 1941. Vocalist, Pratima Mukherjee.


Modhyodhine jobe gaan bondho kore pakhi, When in the middle of the day, birds stopped singing, Hae rakhal, benu thobo bajao aekaki. Protector of the Universe, sing now to remove our abandonment. Pranthoropranthero kone rudhro boshi thai shone, In the far corners, anger is received. Modhurero shopnabeshe dhyanomogono aakhi. Dreaming of a land of honey keep us alive.  Hae rakhal, benu jobe bajao aekaki. O God, hear our cry. Shohosha uchhoshi uthe bhorieya aakash, intention blossoms to cover the sky. Thrishathoptho biroher nirudho nisshash. The breath of the hopeless, thirsty. Aomboropranthe je dhure domboro gombhir shure. Those who are able to go to the far reaches, Jagaya biddutchande speak of somberly clothed lightning.  Aasanna baisakhi, a prideful spring. Hae rakhal, benu jobe bajao aekaki. God when will you sing to pardon our betrayals?

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