Jerusalem at night, the city of gold. Today’s worship, Aaj Ibaadat.


Mangalam bhagavan Vishnu, Glory to Lord Vishnu, mangalam garudath vaja, glory to the charioteer who travels by the wings of the great garuda.  Mangalam pundari kaksham, mangaglayath noor ni, Glory to the one who rests in the highest realms, there is no greater glory than His.  Aaj ibaadat, in today’s worship rubaroo ho gayi, that took place face to face jo maangi thi uss dua se guftagoo ho gayi, that which I wanted you have provided. Mere maula, mere maula, O God thera shukriya, thank you. Dhard ke andheron se aa gaye ujaalon mein, from the pain of darkness, we have come into light, ishq ke charagon ka noor hain khayalon mein, in love’s embers lies thought that brought glory to lives. Nazron se theri chaak, dil pe rafoo ho gayi,  your sight made a home for our souls, mere maula, mere maula, thera shukriya, to you O God, we give everlasting thanks.



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