Dharmiyaan, fulfillment. In recognition of the heroic acts of bravery by a solitary soul for the benefit of everyone.

Song in memorarae of the revolution in China after the Tianamen square massacre. Followed by the protest against Police brutality in Baton Rouge, Louisana, America.  Lafzon se jo tha pare, that, which was beyond words, Khaalipan ko jo bhare, which filled the emptiness, Kuchh tho tha therae mere dharmiyaan, something was there between you and me..Rishthe ko kya mod doon, what turn should I give to this relation, Naatha yeh ab thod doon, should I break this relation, phir yoon hi chhod doon, dharmiyaaan or should I leave it, in between-that nameless relationship, Ya Benaam rishtha wo..which makes (you and me) baechain kartha jo restless Ho na sake jo bayaan, which cannot be described (in words), dharmiyan, in between there was something in between you and me.  Aankhon mein therae saaye, Your shadows are in my eyes, Chahoon tho ho na paaye, Even if I want, there cannot be Yaadon se teri faasla haye, distance from your memories. Jaake bhi thu na jaaye, even after going you don’t go, theri thu dil mein haaye,  you stay in my heart, Hasrath si banke kyun bhala, becoming a wish, why? Kyun yaad kartha hoon. why do I remember you, Mittha hoon bantha hoon, Mujhko thu laayi yeh kahaan, I end and I begin, where have you brought me…Chalthe thay jinpe hum-thum, on which you and me walked, Raasthe woh saare hain gum, is hard for us to say. Ab kaise dhoondein manzilaen, It was so hard for us to say. Raathein hain jaise maatham, all those paths are missing, Aathe hain dhin bhi gumsum, how shall we find the destination now. Roothi hain saari mehfilein, nights are like mourning. Ithna sathao na, yoon yaadh aao na, sad days should have been over. Ban Jaaye aansoon hi zubaan so that only tears become my language.








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